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Tools and Guidance

Being able to identify the impact of your research is of increasing importance. These tools have been provided to help with identifying your stakeholders and beneficiaries; the difference your research can make; deciding which activities will increase the likelihood of impact and how you can demonstrate your impact.

Impact Toolkits

Maximising Impact

  • Toolkit to identify and plan for impact.

  • Toolkit on how to generate impact by engaging with the public.

  • EPSRC have created guidance on Healthcare technology transfer, view the film and see the toolkit

  • Top tips on sharing your research created by SSPIKE and the Library

Writing RCUK Pathways to Impact

Since 2009 the RCUK have required that researchers consider the potential impact as part of the grant applications. Provided here are internal and external guidance to help you write your impact summary and pathways to impact.

What is RCUK impact?

RCUK impact is described as the extremely diverse economic and societal benefits that can arise from research-related knowledge and skills.


Detailed University guidance on writing impact summaries and pathways to impact is available here

In 2014 RCUK updated the broad guidance for impact summaries and pathways to impact, explaining the difference between academic impact and non academic impact and the expectations for pathways to impact. Read about this here

RCUK Pathways to Impact case studies have examples of engaging with government, business, charities and the public here

Tracking Impact

Impact can often take years to develop but can be shaped and driven by those conducting the research. Finding, collecting and storing evidence of impact may seem like a difficult task for researchers. These tools can help you identify and collect evidence of research impact.


Altmetrics: Understanding who is discussing or using your research online can have benefits in developing impact.  Altmetrics tracks the online activity around the research outputs you have uploaded to myPublications.

The Impact recording module in myPubs can help you to record the development of the impact of your research and store evidence centrally.


What should you track and how to go about it are common questions from researchers. HEFCE commissioned Vertigo Venture and Digital Science to create a best practice guidance on Collecting Research Impact Evidence.