Library Resources on Research Ethics and Integrity

The University Research Ethics Committee (UREC) has purchased a range of books on the subject of research ethics and integrity, which are now available at the University's Western Bank Library. Details of the titles available and their library references are provided below.

Title Author Publisher details Library reference
Case Studies in Biomedical Research Ethics T. F. Murphy MIT Press Q 174.2 (M)
Danger in the Field G. Lee-Treweek and S. Linkogle Routledge 300.72 (D)
Ensuring the
Integrity, Accessibility and Stewardship of Research Data in the Digital Age
Committee on Ensuring the Utility and integrity of Research Data National Academy Press 001.4028558 (C)
Ethics in Biomedical Research Hayry et al. Editions Rodopi 174.2 (E)
Ethical Decision Making in Social Research R. Iphofen Palgrave Macmillan 174.93 (I)
Ethics of Educational Research (The) M. McNamee and D. Bridges Wiley-Blackwell 174.937 (E)
Ethics of Migration Research Methodology (The) I. V. Liempt and V. Bilger Sussex
Academic Press
305.906912072 (E)
Ethics of Pediatric Research (The) D. Wendler Oxford University Press 174.29892 (W)
Ethics and Planning Research F. L. Piccolo and H. Thomas Ashgate 174.90014 (E)
Ethics in Qualitative Research M. Mauthner, M. Birch, J, Jessop, and T. Miller 2nd
edition, Sage
174.93 (E)
Ethics and Research I. Gregory Continuum 174.90014 (G)
Ethics and Research with Children E. D. Kodish Oxford University Press 174.28 (E)
Ethics in research with Human Participants B. D. Sales and S. Folkman American Psychological Association Q 174.915 (E)
Ethics, Research Methods and Standards in Biomedical Engineering M. Frize
and Claypool
610.28 (F)
Handbook of Social Research Ethics (The) D. Meertens and P. E. Ginsberg Sage Q 174.93 (H)
Healthcare Research Ethics and Law H. Biggs Routledge 174.28 (B)
International Research Collaborations: Much to be Gained, Many Ways to Get in Trouble Melissa S. Anderson and Nicholas H. Steneck Routledge/Taylor & Francis 001.409 (I)
Law and Ethics in Biomedical Research T. Lemmens and D. R. Waring University of
Toronto Press
174.28 (L)
Law and Ethics of Medical Research (The) A. Plomer Routledge-Cavendish 174.2 (P)
ORI Introduction to the Responsible Conduct of Research N. H. Steneck Office of Research Integrity 610.72 (S)
Oxford Textbook
of Clinical Research Ethics (The)
E. J. Emanuel, C. Grady, R. A. Crouch and R. K. Lie Oxford University Press Q 174.2 (O)
Readings in Virtual Research Ethics E. Buchanan Information Science Publishing 025.04 (R)
Research Ethics A. S. Iltis Routledge 174.28 (R)
Research Ethics K. D. Pimple Ashgate 174.95 (R)
Research Ethics in the Real World T. Long and M. Johnson Churchill Livingstone 174.28 (L)
Research Ethics for Social Scientists M. Israel and I. Hay 2nd edition, Sage 174.93 (I)
Responsible Conduct of Research A. E. Shamoo and D. B. Resnik Oxford
University Press
174.2 (S)
Scientific Integrity F. L. Macrina American Society for Microbiology 174.95 (M)
Situated Ethics in Educational Research H. Simons and R. Usher Routledge 370.72 (S)
Stored Tissue Issue (The) R. F. Weir and R. S. Olick Oxford University Press 174.28 (W)
Student’s Guide to Research Ethics (The) P. Oliver Open University Press 174.90014 (O)
Textbook of Research Ethics: Theory and Practice S. Loue Springer 174.28 (L)
Using Our Best Judgment in Conducting Human Research J. E. Sieber and J. M. duBois Lawrence Erlbaum 174.28 (U)