NHS Ethics Review Process - Case Study

Ethics Committee Meeting

Julie Ellis is a postgraduate researcher based in the Department of Sociological Studies. Julie's PhD research involved NHS patients at a hospice, meaning that Julie was required to obtain ethical approval via the NHS ethics review process before she could start the work.

The NHS ethics review can appear complex and time-consuming; in order to help others who are facing this challenge, Julie has put together a case study summarising and reflecting on the process as she experienced it, and providing useful hints and tips with the benefit of this experience.

If you need to apply for NHS ethical approval, especially if you are from a department which does not normally encounter the NHS ethics review process, then you may find this case study of use to you. Please click on the link below for further information.

NHS Ethics Review Process - Case Study (PDF)

PLEASE NOTE: Julie applied for NHS ethical approval in 2007, and there have been some changes to the process and the form since then. The case study is a summary of Julie's experiences of going through the process, in order to help others who face the same challenge, and is not intended as a definitive guide to the details of the procedure. Please ensure you follow the current guidance available on the NRES website.