Applying for Ethics Approval

The University has an online Ethics Application System through which you can apply for ethics approval. The system can be accessed via the 'My Services' menu when you log into MUSE, or by clicking on the link below.  You may wish to check your departmental ethics webpage before you begin your application, in case there are any specific departmental arrangements that you need to be aware of.

Please note Staff in Student Services use a paper-based system, for more details click here

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Access to the online system for applying for ethics approval (you will need to be logged into the University system using your usual username and password. The system can also be accessed via the list of services available in MUSE/My Services)

How the Ethics Review Procedure works

Full details of the procedure for obtaining ethics approval, as set out in the Ethics Policy Governing Research Involving Human Participants, Personal Data and Human Tissue

Helpsheets are available to support the application process:

We also have a series of flowcharts that explain the way in which an application moves through the system, and who is responsible for each stage:

You can check the questions covered by the online form here.

Check here for Ten Top Tips for completing your ethics application.

Reviewers can access the Reviewer Checklist here.

CLICK HERE for more guidance for applicants, Ethics Reviewers and Ethics Administrators

If you require any assistance using the system, please contact Anita Kenny.