Resources for Teaching Ethics

Free Resources for Teaching Inter-Disciplinary Ethics (which have been designed by academics with relevant professional expertise)

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This webpage provides information about a free teaching and training resource, access to which has been funded by the University's Research Ethics Committee - the resources are from 'IDEA'.

The Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied (IDEA) Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), based at the University of Leeds, has developed a broad range of customisable material for teaching ethics.

IDEA's resources have been developed by academics with expertise in their disciplines and in teaching ethics. The material can be customised and integrated into your existing teaching material in whichever way you feel is most appropriate and likely to add value to and complement existing material.

The resources include:

(1) An in-depth 'Introduction to Ethical Thinking' package, suitable for students in any academic discipline. It covers 10 sessions and each session includes comprehensive tutor notes.

(2) A 'Resources Database', which contains teaching material spanning a range of disciplines, along with generic material that should be of use to many disciplines. The database includes case studies, scenarios and vignettes (case studies constitute a complete teaching resource, consisting of a scenario, student notes and tutor notes). The database contains teaching materials spanning a range of disciplines including biological sciences, business, computing, engineering, medicine, nanotechnology and sport and exercise sciences, as well as some generic resources for use in a number of disciplines.

There is material here that should be of use both to people who are new to, and people who are familiar with, teaching ethics. New material will continue to be developed and added.

Conditions governing the use of the resources:

The license entitles you to browse, download, view, print, copy onto hard disk, photocopy and modify any of the resources for personal use or for teaching or studying purposes, provided that:

  • you use the materials for educational purposes only;
  • you do not use the materials in a derogatory or misleading context;
  • you do not make the tutor notes available on an open access website;
  • you print copyright and source indications;
  • you acknowledge the source of the materials (reference details can be found on the back page of each resource and on the introductory page of `An Introduction to Ethical Thinking┬┤).

Accessing IDEA's resources is straightforward

Step 1:
Send an email to Kathryn Blythe ( and copy the email to Please inform Kathryn that you are an employee of the University of Sheffield and wish to access IDEA's resources. Kathryn will then email you a username and password.

Step 2:
Go to the following webpage (a link to which is also provided on the right):
Then click 'Log in' and type in your username and password.

Queries or comments about the resources

Any queries or comments about using the resource should be sent to Kathryn -

Depending on the nature of the query Kathryn will then arrange for one of the academics who supports IDEA to provide advice.