New Research Degree Programmes

The approval process for new research degree programmes aims to ensure that the quality and standards of research degree programmes are maintained and that they comply with the wider research agenda of the University. An additional aim is to ensure consistency of practice across the University and to enable the University to identify and share areas of good practice.

An application for the approval of a new research degree programme may be invoked if:

  • it is proposed under the umbrella of a professional doctorate;
  • it is proposed between two Schools, Departments or Centres within the University;
  • there are changes impacting the market, viability or educational purpose of an existing research degree programme;
  • there is a need for a new programme in the absence of current provision;
  • an alternative mode of delivery of an existing programme is proposed

The University currently awards a variety of research degrees in a range of disciplines. A list of approved research degree progammes can be found here.

The Doctoral Development Team overseas the approval process for new research degree programmes.

The University is engaging with an increasing number of collaborative programmes. Collaborative programmes are delivered and/or supported and/or assessed through an arrangment with a partner institution. Please see our page on Collaborative Research Programmes.