New Research Degree Programmes

The information below highlights the different approval stages:

Stage 1 - Department Approval

Complete the form Part A: Initial Information for Faculty Approval in PrincipleThe proposal should have the full endorsement of the department. Please indicate the departmental persons/bodies that have considered/approved the proposal. This must include the Head of Department responsible for the programme. At this stage, please submit the proposal to the Doctoral Development Team, so that we can provide support throughout the process.

Stage 2 - Faculty Approval in Principle

The Doctoral Development Team will work with you to complete part B.

Initial approval will be sought from the Faculty Director of Research & Innovation (FDRI) based upon information from the consultations with Professional Services. The FDRI will either give approval in principle for the programme proposal or refuse it on the grounds of strategic or resource issues. In the latter case, the department will be given feedback and informed whether a revised proposal can be resubmitted.

It is important to note that approval in principle is a commitment to develop the proposed programme. Applications for approval in principle should be submitted in sufficient time in order to allow for the full development, consideration, approval and marketing of the programme.

Stage 3 - Professional Services & DAC Peer Review

The aim of the approval process at this stage is to ensure that:

  • Peer review of the proposed research content and mode of delivery is considered.
  • Any proposed content meets the criteria for study at Doctoral level, i.e. by reference to the QAA Frameworks for Higher Education Qualifications.
  • The programme is structured in such a way that it delivers on The University of Sheffield's Research Student Proposition.

Stage 4 - Faculty Approval in Full

Full Faculty approval will be sought via the PGR Committee. The following paperwork is required

  • New programme approval forms (Completed Part A and Part B)
  • Programme Specification
  • Programme Regulations
  • Module approval forms for any new modules associated with the programme (if appropriate)

Stage 5 - Quality & Scrutiny Committee & Senate Approval

The Quality & Scrutiny Committee has oversight of the outcomes of all approval events and will give formal agreement for the proposals to progress to the Senate.

For further advise and guidance contact: