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2017/18 PGR students

Applications for 2017/18 scholarships are now closed; further information is available on the Prospective Postgraduate pages.

Information on other scholarships, including how to advertise opportunities, is available here.

Research Council Funded Students, the Joint Electronic Submission System(Je-S) and student outcome reporting (Researchfish)

All Research Council funded students must be entered in Je-S within one month of their registration, and the records need to be updated to reflect changes in duration of study, e.g. following a leave of absence, or funding. This obligation is outlined in the Conditions of Research Council Training Grants, paragraph 93, which concludes with “failure to provide this information may result in sanctions being imposed on future payments.” When applying for new Training Grants, our existing Je-S records are being increasingly reviewed by the respective Research Council. Finance has to submit a Final Expenditure Statement at the end of every grant, through Je-S, using the data entered in the studentship records, it is therefore vital that information is upto date to ensure the appropraite claim is submitted.

Accurate Je-S records are also important as the information is used for Researchfish, which students must update at least annually, with details of their publications and updates on their project, to continue to recieve funding. In 2017/2018 only students in their third year or later will be required to report.  Information is periodically exported from Je-S to Research Fish and project details can only be amended in Je-S.

ESRC and AHRC funded student records in Je-S are created and maintained by the R&IS Scholarship Office, whereas all the other student records fall under the responsibility of academic departments. Studentship records attached to a Research Grant (as opposed to a Training Grant) are the responsibility of the grant holder.

We have put together A Quick Guide To Je-S, Researchfish for students and the R&IS Scholarship Office is available to answer any questions.

Useful information

RCUK studentship awards:

RCUK have not yet announced the fees and stipends for 2017/18

2016/17: £14,296 stipend, £4,120 fees

2015/16: £14,057 stipend, £4,052 fees

Departmental international fee information is available on the SSiD webpages.

Further information for current students, including payment dates is available here.