Information on Scholarships

This page contains information for staff on:

University Scholarship funding
Research Council funding
Advertising PhD projects
Scholarship letters and payments
Current scholarship holders
Prospective students
Current students (non-scholarship holders)
Additional financial support for conferences and fieldwork

University Scholarship Funding

The University commits over £8m annually to support PGRs in a number of ways.

  • University, Faculty and Doctoral Academy Scholarships - Application deadline 5pm Wednesday 1st February 2017.
  • University of Sheffield Research Resource Scholarships – two scholarships will be available as a unique opportunity to develop research based on important rare book, archival and manuscript collections. Applications process and deadline coming soon.
  • White Rose Scholarships - the White Rose Consortium has offered three Network schemes..
  • A*Star Research Attachment Programme - this prestigious programme is an opportunity for both new and existing research collaborations between the University of Sheffield and A*Star Institutes (the agency for Science, Technology and Research in Singapore). Applications deadline 12 noon 1st December  2016.
  • EPSRC CASE Scholarships - In order to ensure that the University meets the EPSRC target of converting 10% of its total Doctoral Training Partnership Grant (DTP) to formal CASE awards, we have set aside part of our DTG for this purpose. Applications deadline 12 noon 1st December 2016.
  • Arts and Humanities Network Studentships - The White Rose College of the Arts & Humanities (WRoCAH) offers scholarships for network studentships, applications will open soon closed for 2017/18 entry.. 
  • EPSRC Vacation Bursary Programme - EPSRC offers funding for undergraduates to gain practical experience of research over the summer vacations.

Research Council Funding


General information on Research Council funding for new students can be found at

Eligibility for Research Council Funding

Research Council funding is generally only available to students with UK or EU nationality. In addition, to be eligible for full funding (fees and maintenance), students need to have been resident in the UK for three years prior to the start of their PhD - this residency can be for any reason, including education. If they have not been resident in the UK for three years, they are usually eligible for fees-only funding.

However there are exceptions to these general rules, including for those with settled status in the UK, and for Overseas students in some specific subject areas.  However, there is very limited funding for International Students.

To receive Research Council funding, students are normally expected to have qualifications/experience equal to the standard of a good honours degree at a first or upper second class level from a UK academic research organisation. Degree qualifications gained from outside the UK, or a combination of qualifications and/or experience that is equivalent to a relevant UK degree, may be accepted. For some PhD studentships, a Masters course or equivalent research experience will be expected.

More detailed eligibility criteria for Research Council scholarship funding can be found on the following web pages:

AHRC (PDF - see p42)

If you have any queries about student eligibility for Research Council funding please contact the PGR Scholarships Team ( We will be able to advise you, and if necessary we will consult with the Research Council for further clarification of specific cases.

Current Research Council-funded students

Information on terms and conditions for current Research Council funded students can be found at

Advertising PhD projects

The University has institutional accounts with and which means all single project advertisements are pre-paid by the University with no direct charge to departments. 


All single scholarship opportunities should be advertised via FindAPhD as this information feeds directly into the University PhD Project Directory. Please contact your departmental PGR administrator to advertise on FindAPhD, information on how to advertise, including the rules around single opportunities, is available in the downloads section of this page. We have also developed some FAQs.

To advertise on the PhD section of please download and complete the template in the download section of this page and email the completed template to

Please email with details of the project if you wish to advertise it via our Twitter feed.

Scholarship award letters and payments

Award letters and payments for University Prize, Faculty, White Rose, Wolfson, British Library, A*Star, Cross Cutting/ Interdisciplinary, AHRC and ESRC Scholarships are arranged by R&IS. For all other scholarships, departments should send award letters (we can provide a template letter if required) and arrange payment by completing an Internal Funding Form.

Payment dates for the current academic year and current Research Council maintenance rates can be found here.

If a student has not received an expected payment they should contact the Income Office -

Information relating to current scholarship holders

Information relating to current scholarship holders, including award details, extra allowances, submission dates, extensions and leave of absence procedures can be found here.

If a student holding any of the scholarships administered by R&IS requires a letter confirming their award, please ask them to email to request a letter, including their name, registration number and type of scholarship, and letting us know whether they require a hard copy. We will normally be able to produce the letter within a few days.

Prospective students

Prospective students enquiring about scholarships can be directed to where they can find information on University and Research Council scholarships, and a range of external funding opportunities.

Current students (non-scholarship holders)

Current students are not eligible to apply for University or Faculty scholarships. Exceptionally they may be offered Research Council funding. Some external funders do offer support to existing students - lists of external funding bodies can be found here.

Additional financial support

Students who have expenses for fieldwork or attending a conference:

If you require any assistance with any aspect of scholarship administration, please contact

You can now follow PGR Scholarships on Twitter: