Progress of research students

Essential practice

It is essential for PGR students' progress to be formally assessed by departments at 6 monthly intervals, in addition to the more regular recording of formal supervisory meetings. This may take the form of a formal progress report (e.g. the student's Annual Progress Report or a departmental variation) and/or a designated task to be completed by the student (e.g. a poster presentation or a journal-quality paper). Where a report is used, this should be submitted to the Postgraduate Tutor. Progress reports should be discussed with the student and the student given the opportunity to add further comments, if appropriate. Where difficulties arise, the department must ensure that the situation is referred to the Faculty for further consideration.

Procedures for monitoring students studying via Remote Location will vary and students and staff should consult the relevant guidance.

Departments are strongly encouraged to consider increasing the frequency of monitoring of students as they move towards the final stages of their research, to ensure that they submit on time.  This might involve a formal review of a student's progress towards submission around the end of the student's second year. 

Departments are required by Senate to monitor the attendance and engagement of all students. This process should assist departments in identifying problems at an early stage and offering students appropriate support, where required.

Annual Progress Reports

Each year, an Annual Progress Report must be completed for all students and submitted for consideration by the faculty. Annual Progress Reports should be discussed with the student prior to submission. These reports allow supervisors to reflect on a student's progress during the previous year and to plan for the year ahead, and are an important method of providing formal feedback to students that may not otherwise be addressed in supervisory meetings. Students are required to confirm that they have seen the content of the Annual Progress Report. The Annual Progress Report also includes a section reflecting on the student's progress on the DDP.