We can produce information to support your project, finding out how individuals, research groups and the university perform against their peers on a range of topics relating to research and innovation, including:

  • Research grants, centres and networks
  • Publications, bibliometrics and altmetrics
  • Past REF and RAE performance
  • Intellectual property, knowledge exchange and innovation activity
  • Postgraduate research student provision
  • National and international partnerships
  • Advisory group and panel membership

The types of project we support include:

Funding applications

We can find information to support your funding application to help demonstrate the strength of the proposal and to understand how potential competitors may stack up.

Partnership development

If you need background information about the research strengths of the university to help convince an external partner to work with us, we can help.

Future projects

When you're developing a business case for strategic investment in a research area, group or centre, we can help you find the information that supports your case.

Institutional review

We assist with the university's reviews of research areas, finding data that informs how the university's strengths compare to national and international peers.

If you'd like to discuss how we could help you with your project, please contact us.