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Alternative or complementary metrics (often called altmetrics) are another way to assess the attention received by research outputs. Whilst bibliometrics use citations as a measure of scholarly interest in a research paper, altmetrics focus on online activity to reveal how research is being shared and discussed both within the academic community and beyond. They are complementary to bibliometrics - not replacements - and help you tell another part of the story. Altmetrics track mentions, likes and shares in online news, blogs, policy documents, social media, booking sites and academic networking sites. Altmetrics can also be used to track attention received by other forms of research output such as software, data sets, conference slides, performance and more.

The University uses, which seamlessly integrates with myPublications. Whilst citations can take years to build up, Altmetric begin tracking engagement with an output as soon as it's published, giving you almost immediate feedback on how it's being shared and discussed long before any citation data becomes available. Each day Altmetric tracks 44,000 mentions of research (that's one every two seconds), and has a database of over 8 million outputs. Altmetric now tracks and collates the online attention surrounding books and individual chapters to help authors, readers and editors build a more complete and timely picture of the reach, engagement and influence of their publications.

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