Manage your grants in myPublications

myPublications is linked to URMS (University Research Management System), enabling you to link outputs to the grants that funded them. Funders are increasingly asking for information about the outcomes of research that they have funded. By linking grants to outputs in myPublications, we hope to be able to provide them with this information directly and reduce the burden on individual researchers.

What about Researchfish? Many funders require this information to be sent to them via Researchfish. Unfortunately, Researchfish does not currently allow access to any third-party systems. However, a 2-year trial is underway with selected institutions with a view of introducing this functionality in the future.

What is imported?

  • Grants with a status of HANDOVER, LIVE, or COMPLETED.
  • Data includes the URMS number, grant title, reference number, sponsor, value, and start and end dates.
  • Grants are assigned to both the primary investigator and any co-investigators (termed "secondary investigators" within myPublications).
  • Data is read-only. Any changes will need to be made in URMS. Contact the Pricing Team to do this.
  • The data is refreshed each evening.

Link existing outputs to grants

Any element within myPublications can be linked to another. For example, you may wish to link grants to the outputs that they funded, or impact activity that it supported. This may help ease future ResearchFish applications. See the 'Linking items' page for further guidance.

Link grants when claiming/creating a new output

You are given the opportunity to select the relevant grant(s) that funded the research as part of the process for claiming new outputs found by the automatic search or when adding outputs manually.

Link the output to the grant that funded it

Missing grants

If a grant is not listed, it could be for one of several reasons:

  • Your grant is in URMS but not in myPublications: the most likely reason is that you’re not named as an investigator on the grant in URMS (for example, if you joined the project after the application was submitted). One of the other named investigators can link you to the grant in myPublications (see below).
  • You were at the University of Sheffield when the grant was awarded but it is not in URMS: contact the Pricing Team.
  • The grant was awarded when you were employed by another institution: if the grant has been formally transferred to Sheffield then it should be processed through URMS. Completed grants held elsewhere can be added manually. Click on the +add button in the 'Grant' activities box on your home page, enter the necessary details, and click 'Save'.

Add colleagues to a grant

It's sometimes necessary to link grants to people not listed against it in URMS. One of the named investigators should click in the 'Grants' box on their homepage, find the grant in question from their list, and then in the 'Links' tab click 'Add a new user relationship'. Enter the name of the investigator to be added. They will now see the grant in their own profile, and can link outputs and other items to it.

Add a user to a grant

If you have any problems, please email