myPublications updates

This page details relevant improvements to myPublications implemented during software upgrades.


myPublications was updated to version 5.6 on 15 August 2017 and includes a major enhancement to the core output search functionality.

ID-based searches

myPublications searches leading online data sources (such as Scopus, Web of Science and PubMed) to gather and continuously update output information. Together these databases contain millions of outputs, in over 30,000 titles from over 5,000 publishers, and authored by hundreds of thousands of researchers around the globe.

myPublications has traditionally used your name and institutional affiliation(s) to search these databases and return anything that it thinks may be a match. Depending on the commonality of your name this can be imprecise and therefore you need to confirm the results. It will often find records that are not yours, or miss others.

The increased adoption of author IDs for and by researchers has allowed us to introduce an innovative way to automate the claiming of both past and future publications. myPublications now scans the online data for a range of IDs - including ORCID, Scopus Author ID, Researcher ID and even your email address.

Update and control your IDs by selecting 'Automatic claiming' from the 'Manage box' under the 'Menu' tab. myPublications will show you all of the IDs that it finds. Click on the 'Yes', 'No' or 'Ignore' button beside each ID to update your search profile.

  • If you confirm that an ID is yours, then myPublications will automatically claim all publications that include that ID and continue to do so for future outputs.
  • By declaring that an ID is not yours, all outputs which include that ID will be automatically rejected now and in the future. This is particularly useful for researchers with common names.

More information

Open Access

  • We received feedback that some researchers were navigating away before completing their deposit. We have updated the deposit page interface to more clearly identify for a researcher all of the steps they need to complete their deposit.
  • The file upload mechanism has been improved and ensures that larger files are uploaded smoothly to the repository within existing browser limits.
  • Embargo end-dates for items live in the repository are now displayed alongside the file version information on the full text tab for each outputs.

OA Monitor

  • A new 'Pending compliance' status will display in OA Monitor for outputs that are likely to be compliant but cannot be confirmed as such until a publication date is supplied so that myPublications can check whether the embargo is of acceptable length. OA Monitor administrators can filter on this field and it is included in the OA Monitor export.
  • When a record progresses from non-compliant to compliant in OA Monitor, a new 'Compliant' flag is displayed. Previously when a record became compliant the 'Non-compliant' flag just disappeared.

Minor fixes

  • The restriction on the manual merge of duplicates from the same online data source has been removed.
  • We fixed an issue with Basic Reports, whereby the CSV file would occasionally contain data in incorrect columns.