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As a researcher, it is important for you to establish a unique professional identity throughout your career. Your name is central to your profile, but it's not enough to reliably distinguish you and ensure that you get the credit for your work. This is especially the case when information about you and your research is shared electronically between systems. You may think that your name is unique enough in your area of research for others to easily find you. Unfortunately, that it not always the case. Problems are not uncommon when trying to identify authors, with different languages, typos, spelling conventions etc. Just because you don't have a namesake at the moment doesn't rule out one appearing in the future.

An ORCID ID is a unique identifier that can be used to ensure that your work is easily distinguished from that of other researchers. You provide the ID with manuscript submissions and grant applications (and indeed it is increasingly being mandated by publishers and funders). Other researchers can then use your ORCID ID to visit your public ORCID profile and discover your research activity.

You have full control over your ORCID profile and decide what information to make publicly available – the University does not have access to this. It is quick and easily to connect ORCID to a range of online publishers (e.g. Scopus, Europe PubMed and Web of Science), so that all existing and future outputs are automatically added to your ORCID profile. Further, once configured, they will automatically flow into your list of approved outputs in myPublications – all without any manual intervention.

ORCID is fast becoming an international standard, with over 1.5 million IDs already claimed. It is a community-driven not-for-project initiative, open to all researchers in any discipline and at any career stage. It exists solely for the benefit of researchers. Your ORCID ID belongs to you and stays with you throughout your career, wherever in the world you work.

Why get an ORCID iD?

  • Ensure that all your research outputs, grants and activities are correctly attributed to you.
  • ORCID promotes discoverability of your research activities and enables others to easily find you.
  • Your ORCID ID belongs to you and stays with you throughout your career.
  • It makes it easier share information about your research outputs and activities between systems and services, increasing accuracy and reducing the need to enter the same information multiple times.
  • You will increasingly need an ORCID ID for grant applications and to submit papers.
  • Recognised by myPublications - helping university systems to synchronise information.

The more individuals, institutions, and services that adopt ORCID, the more effective it will become.

What about my privacy?

Your ORCID profile is managed by you and can be linked to a range of information such as publications, grants, education and employment history. You determine the privacy settings and what information is shared, including with the University.

How to get an ORCID iD

It takes just 30 seconds to claim your ORCID ID, and then perhaps a few more minutes to set up your profile and link it to myPublications.

Further information

If you have any problems with using ORCID then please contact orcid@sheffield.ac.uk.