Researchfish for Supervisors

Funders are regularly asked by government to show the impact of their funding – including the impact of supporting postgraduate training. To ensure that they can continue to make a convincing case for postgraduate training investment to government, the Research Councils now collect 'outcomes' information from studentship funding, such as publications and collaborations. They already collect outcomes from research grant funding via Researchfish. RCUK require submissions from all current students as well as those who completed their PhD in the last year.

Full guidance is available to students here, but in summary:

  • Students can add / edit their information all year round
  • Students must submit their return during the annual data submission period. 
  • Students receive a reminder email directly from Researchfish shortly before the submission period opens. 

As a supervisor, what do I need to do?

For each student, you should receive an email from Researchfish inviting you to become a 'Team Member' on their studentship. This means that you can see the data they have entered and provide further information via your own Researchfish account. Other people, e.g. other supervisors, can also be added as team members on a studentship.

As a supervisor, your input to this process is not essential, although if you already have experience of reporting to Researchfish then you may wish to help advise on the type of information to provide. The responsibility to submit the information rests with the student. However, you should encourage them to submit data since this will enhance the evidence base for the impact of student funding provided by the Research Councils. Institutional compliance may also be considered in making future doctoral training awards.

If you have been added to a student's record who you no longer supervise, you should contact Note that only the student can make the final submission.