University Research Management System (URMS)

URMS was the University's web-based tool, which has now been replaced by the Costing Tool (available via myResearch in MUSE). The Costing Tool can be used for:

  • costing and pricing research-related projects (if you just need a quick basic cost for a potential project then use the simple Cost Estimator).
  • obtaining costing approvals
  • post-award administration.

For further information on the University's approach to pricing research, fEC, and gaining approval, please see the Pricing pages.

The Costing Tool is part of a larger Integrated Research Information Systems (IRIS) project. Please see the IRIS pages for further details.

Help and Support

Use the Pricing helpline for help and guidance on both using the system and on costing your research proposal. It's open 9am-5pm Mon-Fri and available on 21450 or

Registration and training

Please complete the registration form to gain URMS access. You will receive confirmation from the Pricing Team once registered. Please note that registration is not required in order to access the Costing Tool.

Change of project status

You should inform R&IS of a change in the status of your grant application by using the online form. This will enable us to change the record to reflect the true status of your project. The Project status information is used in reports at departmental, faculty and institutional level to determine success rates, number of applications submitted etc. If you have any queries please contact the Pricing team helpline.