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Jonathan FosterDr Jonathan Foster

Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry

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Education and Employment

Dr. Jonathan Foster completed an MChem at the University of Durham in 2008 where he also undertook his PhD in the groups of Prof. Jonathan Steed and Prof. Judith Howard FRS. In 2012 he moved to the University of Cambridge where he held post-doctoral positions in the groups of Prof. Jonathan Nitschke and Prof. Anthony Cheetham FRS. Jonathan joined the University of Sheffield in 2015 following the award of both a Ramsay Fellowship and a Sheffield Vice Chancellors Fellowship.


My interests lie at the interface between supramolecular chemistry and nanomaterials. By understanding how to design molecular building blocks which can self-assemble to create nano-structured materials we aim to open up new applications not possible with conventional materials. I have developed a wide range of supramolecular materials including gels, polymers, metal-organic cages and frameworks for applications as diverse as drug delivery, optoelectronics and detecting chemical hazards. In October 2015 I began my independent research career developing a new class of graphene-like nano-materials called metal-organic nanosheets (MONs).

To date, discrete metal-organic polyhedra (0D), polymers (1D) and frameworks (3D) have been extensively studied and developed for applications ranging from ‘smart’ materials and sensors to light harvesting, gas storage and drug delivery. However, only a small number of examples of 2D MONs have so far been published. By designing new 2D materials incorporating specific functionalities and exploiting their interactions with other molecules in solution, my group will create new sensors, catalysts and composite materials.

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