Meet the team

The University of Sheffield is a major partner of the Henry Royce Institute and is championing one of the Institute's nine core themes - Advanced Metals Processing. In Sheffield, the Henry Royce Institute has brought together global-leading academics and engineers in the field of materials science to drive forward vital research into advanced metals and other materials including biomedical and nuclear. Here, you can find out more about our expert team, led by Royce theme champion Professor Martin Jackson.

Professor Martin Jackson

Core Area Champion

Martin Jackson is Professor of Advanced Metals Processing. Recently he has led the development of the emerging FAST-forge route, prior to that during his time at Imperial College London he developed an innovative forging test methodology, which is a recognised forgeability test in the ASM Handbook and has been since employed by the aerospace and nuclear build industry over the last 18 years.  He received the IOM3 Titanium Prize 2003 in recognition of this. In 2005 he won a RAEng/EPSRC Fellowship and moved to the University of Sheffield from Imperial in 2008, providing a platform to develop research in both solid state processing of titanium powder and titanium machining studies.

Mark Rainforth

Principal Investigator

Mark Rainforth is the principal investigator for the Advanced Metals Processing theme of the Henry Royce Institute. After obtaining his degree from the University of Sheffield, Mark initially worked in industry and later rejoined the department from Leeds in 1989. He established state-of-the-art facilities in electron microscopy and tribology and his research focuses on the high resolution characterisation of microstructures, in particular interfaces and surfaces, in metals, ceramics and coatings.

Professor Iain Todd

Director - Royce Translational Centre

Iain Todd obtained both his BEng and PhD at The University of Sheffield. He then held postdoctoral positions at Sheffield, NIMR at TU-Delft and CENIM in Madrid before returning to Sheffield in 2003. His research interests centre around new and emerging metallic materials, as well as Net Shape Manufacturing and the behaviour of complex materials and components. He is also currently Director of MAPP EPSRC Future Manufacturing Hub.

Dr Corinne Howse

Project Manager

Corinne Howse joined the Henry Royce Institute in July 2017, having held previous posts in academia and industry. Her role involves overseeing the day to day operations of the Institute in Sheffield as well as supporting the construction and launch of the research facilities, the procurement and commissioning of state of the art equipment, the recruitment of staff and the overall grant management.

Dr Robert Deffley

Principal Engineer

Robert Deffley joined the Henry Royce Institute in Sheffield in April 2018 and brings a wealth of experience to the team, having previously worked as Research and Development Manager at a leading UK materials provider in the metal additive manufacturing industry. This work has involved collaborating with industry in the aerospace and medical sectors to find solutions to the wider adoption of AM.

Dr Luke Benson-Marshall

Business Development Manager

Luke started his role in July 2019, building links with businesses with a particular focus on SMEs. He holds both a PhD and an MEng from The University of Sheffield, and also has several years of industry experience in metallurgy.

Eric Goodall

Technical Operations Manager

Eric joined the team in November 2019. His role is to plan and execute the movement of equipment to the new RDC facility. He has over 35 years of experience in Engineering Design, Project Management and Manufacturing.

Dr Vahid Nekouie

Technical Engineering Team Leader

Vahid Nekouie joined the Henry Royce Institute in May 2018. He has previously worked as a research scientist at the Universities of Sheffield and Loughborough, and also worked on a three-year Innovate UK project. Vahid ensures the effective deployment of technical resource and operational capability of the Royce Translational Centre.

Dr Colleen Mann

Research Associate

Colleen Mann joined the team in August 2018, specialising in analytical chemistry and characterisation of nuclear materials. She graduated from Queens University Belfast with a MSci Chemistry in 2013 and joined the Material Science department to pursue a PhD as part of the Department’s world-leading NucleUS Immobilisation Science Laboratory research group.

John Lowndes

Senior Engineering Technician

John Lowndes joined the Henry Royce Institute in Sheffield as Senior Engineering Technician in June 2018. John brings to the team many years of experience in industry, and has a broad-based skillset in electromechanical engineering. He is based at the Royce Translational Centre.

Dr Yunus Azakli

Research Associate

Yunus Azakli joined the team in January 2019. He has worked on alloy preparation and development since 2012 and has a PhD degree in Materials Science & Engineering from Gebze Technical University. Yunus will be working on advanced metal processing via melting, casting and thermomechanical treatments.

Dr Zhilun Lu

Research Associate

Zhilun Lu joined the Henry Royce Institute in September 2018. He has experience in functional materials with expertise in structural analysis, synthesis, fabrication and characterisation of material properties. His research centres on the processing and characterisation of electroceramics, such as thermoelectrics, dielectrics and high permittivity oxides.

Dr John Nutter

Research Associate

John Nutter joined the team in September 2018. He completed his PhD at the University of Sheffield as part of the Advanced Metallic Systems Centre for Doctoral Training. His role involves the operation and research competencies for materials characterisation using the JEM-F200 Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM).

Dr Junheng Gao

Research Associate

Junheng joined Royce in July 2019. He focuses on new high-performance steel development as an Alloy Development Engineer, and spent four years working on titanium alloys in the Designing Alloys for Research Efficiency (DARE) project. Currently, Junheng is working on the grain refinement of a new TWIP steel.

Dr Everth Hernandez Nava

Research Associate

Everth Hernandez Nava joined the team in August 2018 as Additive Manufacturing Research Associate. His projects include developing beta titanium alloys by selective laser melting and electron beam melting, thermal imaging of high temperature powder bed AM processes and the design and mechanical performance of micro-truss AM materials.

Dr Robert Moorehead

Experimental Officer

Robert Moorehead joined the Henry Royce Institute in July 2019. He's an Experimental Officer, focussing on X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). After successfully completing his PhD on in-situ neutron diffraction of novel dental ceramics he has worked as a research technician on a wide variety of projects focussing mainly on biomaterials; their manufacture, characterisation and translation. Since starting at Royce he has worked with Dr Nik Reeves-McLaren on numerous X-ray diffraction based projects, such as operando X-ray diffraction of battery materials, and with Dr Alice Pyne on the topology of DNA minicircles using AFM.

DrDikai Guan

Experimental Officer

Dr Dikai Guan joined Royce@Sheffield in July 2019. He completed his PhD at the University of Sheffield in November 2015 and focused on magnesium research area as a postdoc in Sheffield from 2015. His current role involves the operation and research competencies for materials characterisation using the JSM-7900F SEM/EBSD/EDX and another JXA-8530F Electron Probe Microanalyzer (EPMA).

Dr Carl Magnus

Carl Magnus joined the team in January 2020. More information to follow.