Affiliate Research Account  Extension

In some instances, postgraduate research students may require access to the University's IT and library functions beyond the award of their degree, for example, to allow them to complete publications.  This process provides a method for such students to maintain access to the University's IT services and library facilities for a period no longer than 6 months following the award of their degree.

Applications for an Affiliate Research Account Extension must be made by a supervisor on behalf of the student via an online form.  The extension request can only be applied for once and is for a maximum period of 6 months.  Requests will be reviewed by the IT Services Helpdesk and if the request is not deemed appropriate it will be escalated to the Information Security Team for consideration and a final decision.  Reasons for non-appropriateness may include:

  • There are general access requirement issues or concerns.
  • The additional requested IT services have not previously been assigned to the account.

If approved, the student's existing postgraduate research account will be extended for 6 months and the student and supervisor will be informed.  The account holder will be eligible for a new Associate UCard (green).  Access will cease at the end of the 6-month extension period.