Submission checklist

Checklist 1st submission Resubmission Minor amendments
Ensure you have faculty approval for inclusion of non-standard materials  Yes Yes Yes
Your supervisor should have nominated examiners well in advance of your submission Yes
Check the Code of Practice for recommended faculty word limits and for information on formatting and binding options Yes Yes Yes
An electronic copy of the thesis is submitted to Turnitin and a receipt obtained Yes Yes
Third-party copyright clearance obtained and acknowledged, where relevant Yes Yes Yes

Ensure you have included an abstract not exceeding 300 words

Yes Yes Yes

Title page should show:

  • Full title of thesis
  • Author's name in full
  • Degree for which the thesis is submitted, e.g. PhD
  • Academic department
  • Date (month and year)
Yes Yes Yes

Outside cover should show:

  • University name and logo
  • Author's initial and surname
  • Full title of thesis
  • Degree for which the thesis is submitted, e.g. PhD
  • Year of submission
  • Volume number (if the thesis comprises more than one volume)
Yes Yes Yes
Thesis to be printed on A4 paper Yes Yes Yes
Margins at the binding edge should be no less than 20mm and other margins no less than 15mm Yes Yes Yes
Pages should be numbered consecutively, including appendices Yes Yes Yes
If the thesis exceeds 32mm in thickness it should be bound as two or more volumes Yes Yes Yes
Three copies of the thesis submitted (two hard copies and one electronic) submitted to Research Services Yes Yes