Uploading your eThesis

When do I upload?

You should only upload the final, examined and awarded version of your thesis once your examiners have approved any required corrections following your viva. An eThesis is not required at submission or for the oral examination (viva voce).

Where do I upload?

University of Sheffield theses are held on the White Rose eTheses Online server. This has been used since 2004 as a joint institutional repository for the universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York to provide access to electronic research papers and has a history of being robust, secure and easy to use. The eTheses section of the server is accessed at: White Rose eTheses Online

How do I upload?

First create an account on the White Rose eTheses Online server. Once you have pressed the 'Register' button you will receive confirmation of username and password of your choice by return e-mail. From the 'Manage deposits' page, you will be guided through a range of screens where you key in details about you and your thesis; some fields, marked with an asterisk, are compulsory. You will be asked to upload your thesis. This can be done as a single file or in a number of files which the server will identify and keep together. In the majority of cases a single file should be uploaded. However, if there is a good reason why the thesis should be uploaded as multiple chapter files, for example, if specific chapters are embargoed, then this is acceptable. A final review screen summarises the details you entered and the files you uploaded.  If you intend to embargo your eThesis for a period of time, you are responsible for setting the embargo option on the upload page.  Failure to do so may result in your eThesis being made available online.

What digital format should my eThesis be in?

Preferably pdf. This will ensure that the original layout of your printed thesis is retained and that, as an international standard, anyone should be able to read your thesis no matter where they are. You might wish to append to your eThesis data and files that exist in other formats but remember that not everyone might be able to read or view them.

Will my thesis be immediately online?

No. The uploaded file will not go live until after your degree has been awarded.  Remember, if you need to set an embargo you must choose this option when you upload your thesis.

Can I limit access to my thesis once it has been made live?

Once your ethesis has been uploaded and checked it is available worldwide, unless an embargo has been set. If you have concerns about this, discuss them with your supervisor and consider the embargo options available to you.  You are responsible for setting any embargo options at the point you upload your eThesis to the White Rose eTheses Online server.

The Access to Thesis form indicates the Creative Commons licence through which you are making your thesis available. It is recommended that you use Creative Commons licence: Attribution-Non-commercial-No Derivative Works [by-nc-nd] but you may choose others.

Creative Commons Licence

What am I agreeing to when I upload my thesis?

By agreeing to the eThesis deposit agreement, you are allowing the University of Sheffield to make your thesis available over the internet via an entirely non-exclusive agreement, leaving you free to publish your work in its present or future versions elsewhere. You are also agreeing that, without changing your content, your thesis may be converted to any medium or format for the purpose of future preservation and accessibility.