Initial Commercial Enquiry form (ICE form)

University of Sheffield Commercial Assessment System (CAS)

If you have any questions about the Commercialisation activity at the University of Sheffield or your research has generated outputs that you think may be the basis of a commercial opportunity for the University, e.g. a product or process that an external party would pay to have access to, then the first stage in the process is to contact us either via the form below, by email to or by calling Laura Madden (0114 22 24434).

We will respond to your query and if a more in depth discussion is required a Commercialisation Manager will contact you. If the idea represents a viable Commercialisation opportunity then the Commercialisation Manager will work with you to submit a full Commercial Opportunity Disclosure (COD) into CAS.

Also, if you want to learn more about IP and commercialisation, please visit online training resources available via Kaltura.

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Thank you for completing the form. Please make sure you click the SEND button to submit the form to Research Services. Please note the system will not allow you to submit unless all fields marked (required) have been answered. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to work with the University and any third party investors, advisers or collaborators to progress the idea as a commercial opportunity.

If the form is submitted successfully then you will receive an automated email response giving information about the next steps in the CAS process. If you do not receive an automated copy, please re-submit or contact Laura Madden in Research Services on 0114 222 4434.