Research committees

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Committee Brief description Dates of next meetings
Research and Innovation Committee The Research and Innovation Committee reports to Senate. Its role is to oversee issues relating to Research and Innovation in support of the University's strategic priorities.

7 Feb 2019

15 May 2019

Research Governance Sub-Committee The Sub-Committee advises and reports to the Research and Innovation Committee on research governance matters relating to health and human-interventional studies  23 Jan 2019
Research Staff Development Committee The Research Staff Development Committee's purpose is to take a strategic perspective on how best to enhance the University's development provision and research environment for research staff, aligned to the strategic priorities of the University and its faculties.

7 Feb 2019

23 Jun 2019

University Postgraduate Research Student Committee The Committee provides leadership for, development of strategy for, and champions postgraduate research student (PGR) strategy and policy.
University Research Ethics Committee (UREC) The University Research Ethics Committee (UREC) reports directly to Senate and oversees the University's policy and approval procedures relating to research involving human participants, personal data and human tissue.

13 Feb 2019

15 May 2019

Commercial Assessment Review Group The Commercial Assessment Review Group make decisions on whether the University should provide resources to develop early-stage ideas, undertake project appraisals, and to determine commercial potential.

Capital Research Assets Group The Capital Research Assets Group monitors and supports the University's capital research infrastructure. It reports formally to the University's Estates and Capital Sub-Group.

27 Feb 2019

24 Apr 2019

24 Jun 2019