Non-disclosure / confidentiality agreements

We strongly recommend the preparation of a non-disclosure (NDA), otherwise known as a confidentiality agreement (CA), between partners at an early stage of discussions.

  • Almost all links with external organisations (e.g. discussions with potential funders or collaborators, visitors to laboratories, draft publications) will involve an exchange of information.
  • There is a chance that sensitive and/or confidential information may be disclosed by both parties. This includes information, results and ideas that are not already published.
  • It is important confidential information is only disclosed when confidentiality can be maintained. Uncontrolled disclosure of information may lead to another party taking and using your ideas, and will make the ownership of intellectual property difficult to ascertain.

Research Services will prepare a two-way NDA to protect disclosures by either party. Alternatively, if a company presents you with their agreement, please upload it to the RS Agreement request form. We will confirm whether the content is acceptable and we will arrange authorisation on behalf of the University from an authorised signatory.

You should also ensure that any papers you intend to present or publish do not contain confidential information as this may prejudice the gaining of intellectual property protection. Applications to Research Councils are generally considered to be made in confidence but if you are concerned about the content of your application then contact the relevant Research Development contact and we will arrange for a covering note outlining the confidential nature of the proposal.

Agreements involving undergraduate students must be approved and signed by the Faculty Director of Learning and Teaching: please contact your Department Administrator in the first instance.

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Please contact the Contracts Help Desk on 0114 22 27444 or with new enquiries.

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