What is new?

In 2019, Senate agreed that all PGR students should be able to demonstrate the following eight Core Competencies upon successful completion:

  • Communication, networking and collaboration.
  • Personal skills (time management, resilience, problem-solving, critical thinking).
  • Professional skills (academic defence, academic writing, project/resource management).
  • Leadership
  • Ownership and understanding of the scope for career development options.
  • Understanding the importance of impact and translation (public engagement, enterprise and IP).
  • Responsible Research and Innovation, ethics and data management.
  • Qualitative skills and/or quantitative and digital skills depending on discipline.

How does this impact students?

To embed the eight Core Competencies, an updated Training Needs Analysis (TNA), Development Plan and Evidencing Development summary will be introduced for new students from September 2020. Continuing students may choose to opt in to the new system or continue with the existing TNA summary and ePortfolio summary.

What are the advantages of the new approach?

The new documentation is streamlined, consistent across all Faculties and centred around the Core Competencies, providing greater clarity to students regarding training and development expectations. This clarity is particularly important for those students with interdisciplinary projects. This will in turn result in an improved student experience and allow students to focus on those skills that will be most valuable to them in the next stage of their career.

The list below contains links for students to view the new documents and TNA guidance:

Staff-targeted documents are available in the Research Services web pages.