1. What is the Training Needs Analysis (TNA)?

The training needs analysis is the process by which you identify what your training needs are and how you are going meet and evidence them.

2. Why is the Doctoral Development Programme important?

Because it shows that you have the necessary skills not only to complete your doctoral study but also for your future employability and career advancement.

3. How will the DDP be assessed?

The DDP will be assessed by an eportfolio which records the evidence of the outputs you identified in the TNA.

4. When do I need to register for modules/seminars?

You are advised to register for DDP modules as soon as you have met and agreed your training needs with your supervisory team. Normally the modular courses start end of September and then in February, so we recommend that you enrol on any modules well in advance. Seminars and short courses take place throughout the year and they are booked on a first come first served basis.

5. Which course shall I attend? This is a decision you will make with your supervisory team after completing your Training Needs Analysis (TNA). As DDP is student specific, there is no prescribed route through the DDP. However, you are strongly advised to only take training that is relevant and timely for your research and training needs.
6. Are there any compulsory module(s) that I need to register on?

Some departments require their students to complete compulsory subject specific modules. If this is the case in your department, then you will automatically be registered for these. All students are also required to complete the Research Ethics & Integrity Module, which you will also be enrolled on automatically.

7. My supervisor has suggested a module that does not appear on the website, what should I do?

You must seek agreement from the module provider and then contact DDP Admin via the online enquiry form to officially register.

8. Where can I find the timetables for my modules?

Timetables for most modular courses are available on the Teaching Timetables website.  If the timetable information of your chosen module(s) are not available, you must contact the module provider directly.

9. I registered for a module by mistake, how can I unregister?

You must send an email to DDP Admin via the online enquiry form.

10. How can I change or drop modules?

Any change must be agreed with your supervisor in the first instance. You should then contact DDP Admin to make the necessary changes to your DDP registration.

11. Can I attend modules without completing the full assessment?

This is a decision you will make with your supervisory team via your Training Needs Analysis. It is not always possible to take modules without assessment, so we recommend that you check with the provider before registering.

12. Why can't I register for a module through the DDP Portal?

The registration window must be closed. Contact DDP Admin who will officially register you on the appropriate module(s) manually.

13. What if I am studying away from the University?

Most of the training events take place on campus. However some research skills training is available online via the Virtual Graduate School. As a remote location student you should ensure that you source the training identified through your Training Needs Analysis, either from remote location providers or through the Virtual Graduate School.

14. I am a cross-sessional doctoral student, who arrived after the main registration period, how do I register?

If you arrive in Sheffield after registration week, which is towards the end of September, then you should follow the same steps as highlighted in the DDP Portal. Please pay particular attention to the start date for training courses/modules you wish to take to ensure they are timely for you. This may mean you have to delay the start of some of the DDP training until the beginning of a future semester.

15. I am a mature doctoral student with no career aspirations, carrying out a research degree after taking early retirement?

The training needs analysis will establish the need, or lack of need, for training based upon any students future goals. This should be carried out through the DDP.

16. What if I need training in something not offered in the programme?

If there are particular generic skills courses that you would like offered, please get in touch with DDP Admin. If there are enough other students interested, then we may be able to help.

17. Any other questions?

If you have any other questions, please contact DDP Admin.