Register on Modules and Training Courses

The University offers a range of training and development opportunities which are detailed below. However the choice of training need not be restricted to that which is provided by the University. You and the supervisory team may also recommend other means of achieving any required training elsewhere by, for example, externally provided courses, self-study, or work experience. Not all of your development activities will be formal training modules - work you are doing as part of your research such as presenting, outreach activities, teaching, conference attendance or leadership in your department can also be great opportunities to develop and demonstrate your skills. 

The only essentials are your Departmental and or Faculty-wide compulsory modules, which new doctoral students are registered on automatically.  It is essential that you attend the Faculty-wide Research Ethics & Integrity training as failure to do so may result in your award being withheld.

Register on Modules Link

Academic modules can provide you with subject specific knowledge relevant to your research. You must attend and engage with all classes if you secure a place, but will not be required to take the assessment.

Research Skills Seminars Link

Register on skills workshops offered by Professional Services including Library Services,  CiCS (IT training) and Career Services.

Think Ahead Link

A comprehensive blend of training workshops offered by Think Ahead, Sheffield Teaching Assistant (STA), English Language Teaching Center (ELTC) and Public Engagement.  

Language Training Link

MLTC offers programme in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Arabic. Non-specialist language courses in Chinese, Japanise and Korean are offered by East Asian Studies

Researcher Challenge Link

Stats Training Link

Links to a range of statistics courses, including modular courses, standalone short courses, and other useful resources on statistics.

More Learning Resources

Doctoral Development Programme (Library workshops)

The Library presents a regular series of workshops to help you gain vital skills such as writing your data management plan, boosting your online profile, and doing a literature review.

Virtual Graduate School

Extensive online research resources accessible to all doctoral students, regardless of time, place and distance, to support through key phases of your development.

Think Further

Online resources available on the following topics:
Reflection, Induction, getting things done, planning, Building Relationships, Academic Writing, Collaboration, Careers, Innovation and creativity, Conferences, Research Engagement,Leadership and Raising Profile, Resilience and Wellbeing, Research Funding and Research Niche, and Teaching,

Study Skills Online

Offers workshops, 1:1 appointments and online resources to develop your academic skills. Please be aware that 301 sessions and resources are designed for students at all levels of study and are not specifically designed for PhD level study.

Vitae Resources

Vitae is a national organisation that promotes researcher development and they have a number of resources to help you to think about what you want to do, navigate recruitment processes, and manage your career over the long term.

Writing Advisory Service

The Writing Advisory Service appointments can benefit doctoral students who are concerned to improve their structure, logical linking, signposting, grammar, academic style etc.  READ MORE