Information for admin staff supporting doctoral researchers

This page provides you with Doctoral Development Programme (DDP) administrative processes and links out to the appropriate resources. Our goal is to make this website informative and useful and need your feedback to make the website work for you!

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Registration on DDP Training

  • Doctoral researchers will have been registered automatically for any compulsory departmental modules.
  • ALL researchers are expected to attend Research Ethics and Integrity. Off-campus and part-time researchers can complete this course online in agreement with the module provider.
  • Doctoral researchers should have completed a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and discussed it with their supervisor which should identify their training requirements. The TNA should be completed and reviewed annually.
  • When using the DDP Portal to register for modules, doctoral researchers will find a list of all of the modules which are available either for their specific faculty, or open University wide, and register for their chosen modules/training.
  • Modules open to ‘Department only’ will not appear in the DDP Portal.
  • If a doctoral researcher wishes to attend a module which is not open to them, they should contact the module provider directly (if they have their supervisor’s agreement) to seek agreement to attend.
  • There are no exemptions in the DDP.
Dropping Modules
  • Once registered on a module, it is not possible to drop it via the DDP portal.
  • Doctoral researchers should contact the DDP Team if they no longer intend to take a module.
  • If a module is to be dropped, the student must first have the agreement of their supervisor.
Attendance/Assessment at Modules
  • Once a doctoral researcher has registered for a module, it is expected that they will attend the whole module and undertake any required assessment.
  • If a student and their supervisor feel that full attendance or an assessment is not necessary, they should make contact with the module provider to seek agreement for them to attend on that basis.
  • If part attendance is agreed, the module will not be recorded on their central student record. The doctoral researcher should ensure that they keep a record of the module on their ePortfolio.
  • If a doctoral researcher registers for a module and fails to attend, a fail mark will be recorded on their student record and will appear on any Statement of Academic Progress (SOAP)
Off-campus and part-time researchers
  • Doctoral Researchers who are part time or based away from Sheffield have the same DDP requirements as those based on campus. Everyone must engage with the DDP.
  • All students are required to undertake Research Ethics and Integrity and they can complete this online.
  • The Virtual Graduate School is a very useful training resource for this group of students
Class-lists and Result-lists
  • Class lists are sent to doctoral researcher support staff in October and January.
  • Support staff are asked to distribute these to the unit providers.
  • Up-to-date class lists can be printed out by support staff via u-Reports.
  • Results lists are sent to support staff in February and May.
  • Electronic results lists can be produced by support staff via u-Reports.
  • Support staff are asked to distribute the results lists to the unit providers, and return completed results lists by the deadline (approximately 1 month after receiving them).
  • In May, results list for any outstanding results in previous academic years are also sent to support staff for distribution.
Statement Of Academic Progress (SOAP)
  • SOAPs are produced in May for all 3rd year students, listing all of the modular training they have registered for and any results we have received.
  • SOAPs will be sent to doctoral student support staff to distribute to doctoral researchers.
  • SOAPs can be produced on request for any other students. Please direct them to the DDP Team.
  • SOAPs can also be produced by doctoral student support staff via uReports.
  • It is essential that doctoral researchers maintain an up-to-date record of their training and developmental activities.
  • In some Faculties and departments it is compulsory to use PebblePad, if it is not compulsory, it is the decision of the doctoral researcher how they choose to record the information. Microsoft Word or Excel are suggested alternatives.
  • It is expected that the ePortfolio will be discussed during a confirmation review.
  • The ePortfolio will also be vital for the completion of the DDP summary which should be submitted prior to thesis submission.
DDP Summary
  • The award of a degree will be withheld if a DDP Summary is not completed.
  • Doctoral researchers should submit their DDP Summary before they submit their thesis.
  • DDP Summary Form
  • The DDP Summary must be signed by the student’s supervisor/PGR Tutor.
  • Completed summaries should be sent to
  • Summaries will then be presented to the Faculty Lead for approval.
  • Once approval is granted, students record will be updated to reflect that the doctoral researcher has completed their DDP.

Other Support from the Doctoral Development Team

As well as the DDP, the Doctoral Development Team also provides a range of support to: