The University's Research Staff Development Committee (RSDC), which reports into the University's Research & Innovation Committee, takes a strategic perspective on how best to enhance the University's development provision and research environment for research staff (web information).

In 2016/7 the RSDC discussed how to further improve the experience of research staff who are leaving the University, for the period of up to 6 months from the end of their contract with the University of Sheffield. The RSDC recognises that it can be difficult to develop and sustain an independent researcher career with the uncertainties of fixed-term contracts and also that at transition points between contracts it is valuable to have continued access to essential resources such as access to Library journals, University email account and/or a shared drive.

This process is designed to enable continued access for up to 6 months subject to line manager approval.  This process has been approved by the University's Research and Innovation Committee.   

Please download and read carefully the detailed guidance from the link to the right.

The application form can also be downloaded from the link to the right - refer to the below flowchart for a step-by-step guide to the process.

To note:

  • The researcher and line manager should discuss how extended access will be used, and capture this in the form.
  • This process is being trialled so that, in certain specific circumstances, researchers can access systems and material for a short period that will enable them to further their own research profile and consolidate the work and learning undertaken during employment.
  • Approval of extended access is not a continuation of the employment relationship, and as such there is no expectation that the researcher should do unpaid work (such as writing up research or undertaking other work to the benefit of the university that should have been done during the period of employment).

Flowchart of extended access request process