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Researcher Education & Development Scholarship Conference | Anchoring Researcher Development: theoretical mindsets

Dual AimsDual aims: The 2016 conference focused more deeply on the researcher developer role and engagement with scholarly activity. We explored designs and outcomes of research into doctoral and post-doctoral experiences, researcher learning and development mechanisms, and enabling supervision. The conference leaders also wish particularly to support practitioner engagement in scholarly work and research activity and also sought to provide a supportive arena for the development of research ideas, metholologies, and engagement with scholarly work.

The conference opened with keynote perspectives delivered by Dr Nick Pratt, Plymouth Institute of Education, and Dr Julie Shaughnessy, Director of Professional Doctorate in Education, University of Roehampton. 12 paper presentations followed (downloads* in right hand side bar), from colleagues who have a research interests across aspects of researcher development.

* PLEASE NOTE that these works in progress are offered in the spirit of academic openness in research topics and processes. The content and ideas depicted remain the property of the author. To discuss, develop, or cite any of the works, please email the author directly.

Conference Developer: Kay Guccione ++ Conference Manager: Helen Cowen