Springboard for Women

Springboard for Women

Personal and Professional Development Programme for Women

The programme will support researchers:

  • To build their confidence and assertiveness 
  • To have a greater sense of direction
  • To take clear practical realistic steps to take more control over their life
  • To find out what they value
  • To make decisions and take action based on their values
  • To balance their lives better and achieve their academic/ professional potential
  • To create a supportive network of women researchers within the University

Advantages of a women-only development programme

  • Women researchers will have many issues in common
  •  They will get a huge boost by discovering they are ‘not the only one’
  •  Makes it easier to talk about issues
  •  Other programmes may not address specific issues for women
  •  Supports the gender equality legislation

Who can attend?

Women in research and scholarly work from across the five faculties at the University of Sheffield.

Features of the programme

  • Four development days over three months
  • Specifically developed and written for women
  • Wholistic – work and personal
  • Each woman sets own agenda
  • A support system from other women researchers
  • Networking with women researchers from diverse disciplines
  • Participation and presentations by inspiring role models

Dates for the Autumn programme:

Monday 16th September 2019
Monday 14th October 2019
Monday 11th November 2019
Monday 9th December 2019

Express your interest in taking part by filling the web form.

For more information, contact the Think Ahead Team at thinkahead@sheffield.ac.uk

If you are unable to participate in Springboard at this time, the ECR/PGR branch of the Women@TUOS network are hosting regular events.

Watch this video to find out what a previous participant thought of the programme

Dr Laura Flinn
Department of Biomedical Science

Comments from previous participants:


 The Springboard for women programme will also welcome any non-binary individuals who wish to take part. Please contact the Think Ahead Team (thinkahead@sheffield.ac.uk) to discuss any particular circumstances where you need additional information.

If you are a man interested in benefitting from a similar programme as Springboard but for men, there is such programme and it is called Navigator. It is not currently delivered at the University, but we can help you access such programme if of interest. Please get in touch with the Think Ahead Team to discuss possible options.