The Kroto Research Inspiration Poster Competition (this will not be running in 2019).

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All Postgraduate and Early Career Researchers at the University of Sheffield who currently hold non-academic positions are invited to enter this KRI competition.

We are looking for a visually creative and inspiring poster (scroll down for the deadline and judging criteria)

which promotes the public understanding of your research project to a University educated audience outside of your own discipline.

The top ten entrants will be invited to attend a lunch and awards ceremony in honour of Professor Sir Harry Kroto. 

The overall winner of the competition will receive a £250 prize.

2018 winner - Erica Montefiori, Department of Mechanical Engineering / 2018 highly commended - Stavroula Louka, Department of Oncology & Metabolism

2017 winner - Alanna Green, Department of Oncology and Metabolism / 2017 highly commended - Thomas Robshaw, Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering

2016 winner - Adele Mason Bertrand, Department of Sociological Studies / 2016 highly commended - Nor Izura Tukiman, Department of Architecture

To help ensure your poster reaches the widest possible audience, please read and follow the sections below that describe the specific requirements for your poster, in terms of both format and content.

A research focused poster: This poster will disseminate selected aspects of your research project. The layout may be similar to the type of poster presented at subject specialist conferences, but the language and terminology should be modified to explain your research to those working outside your specialist area.
It is not appropriate to recycle a conference poster designed for a specialist audience.

There should be some form of statement within the poster to explain why your problem is of interest for someone unfamiliar with your own subject area.

Your poster should include your name, department and the title of the Poster.

Text within the poster should not exceed 500 words (excluding references).

Your poster must be designed in portrait format.  We regret that we cannot display posters in landscape format.  Any poster that cannot be properly displayed will not be considered by the judging panel.

Logos should be included: As a minimum this will be the University of Sheffield logo but could also include sponsor or research collaborator/partner’s logos

References: All posters should include appropriate referencing, either to acknowledge previous work or to refer readers on to further information.

How will the entries be judged?

While preparing your poster, you may wish keep in mind the general criteria that the panel members will be using to judge the entries:

Image: KRI Visual Impact

We recommend that you include a minimum of three visual images (photo, illustration, abstract shape and so on) to improve the visual impact.

You must have full permission for the use of any images which are not your own.

Image: KRI Poster Content

Is the content of your poster clear and does it tell a structured story? Does your message come across as you intended?

We recommend that text is kept concise and well distributed throughout the poster.  Most readers will have a limited amount of time to read the poster.

Image: KRI Poster Clarity

Have you used clear language, without jargon, particularly in the overview, introduction and conclusions?

Have you limited the use of terminology specialised to your own discipline?

Image: KRI Poster Word Limit

Text within the poster should not exceed 500 words, excluding references.

Please declare the word count.

KRI Poster Competition
Winner - 2018

Image of winning poster in KRI Poster Competition 2018

The competition will not be running in 2019.

For future reference, the submission criteria can be viewed from the right hand downloads.

Before designing any poster always familiarise yourself with the format and file size requirements.

Entries are emailed to:


The highest ranked 10 posters are printed on entrants' behalf, and at our expense, to be displayed at University events held in honour of Professor Sir Harry Kroto.

Each author of the highest ranked posters is invited to attend a showcase event, where a £250 prize is awarded to the highest ranked poster's author.

*** Please note that by submitting an entry to this competition you are agreeing for your poster to be displayed at the KRI Showcase event.  In addition, you are also agreeing that your poster entry may be displayed at other University of Sheffield events and that your poster may be used for promotional purposes. ***