Developing a Mentoring Practice

MentoringPicResearch studies and 7 years experience in programme design have shown that mentoring is always more successful if all participants are provided with an induction, learn what is expected of them, and engage with development in mentoring techniques and relationships management.

This workshop is for all new mentors and mentees who are joining the Research Staff Mentoring Programme. The 1.5h session situates mentoring as an educational practice. It covers some introductory mentoring concepts, definitions, and takes a look at what ‘good mentoring’ involves. Through guided practice and reflection the workshop helps mentors and mentees build skills that are useful in cultivating and managing successful mentoring relationships. It acknowledges and builds on the pre-existing communication and conversation skills of participants, adding new techniques that help empower mentees to take control of their careers and plan for the future. The skills learned are applicable to other working relationships too, also benefiting the participants in their other roles e.g. facilitator, supervisor, teacher, tutor, colleague.

Through the workshop, mentees and mentors will have chance to refine their objectives for the programme, gain understanding of the types of outcomes that are common for this kind of programme, and hear each other's perspectives. The session also explains the programme timescales; expected commitment time; confidentiality; evaluation processes; and further mentoring resources that mentees and mentors can expect.

"I wanted to say also how much I enjoyed the training course. I found it incredibly useful and have been recommending it to all my colleagues! The final section, when we got to observe the mentoring, was particularly great!" Dr Amanda Crawley-Jackson - Mentor (Dept. of French)

"I found the session very useful yesterday (and I have to confess I was a bit cynical about it beforehand). You did an excellent job of de-mystifying the process." Prof. Jon Slate - Mentor (Animal & Plant Sciences)

This session uses cumulative programme research data and participants experiences to help participants:
• Define for themselves what is meant by mentoring in the context of this programme, and discuss the boundaries between supervision, management, or counseling
• Gain insight into the practices and techniques of effective mentoring and coaching conversations
• Gain tips for setting up, managing, and troubleshooting a mentoring relationship
• Practice having mentoring conversations and think about their own mentoring style
• Have plenty of chance to ask questions

Following this session, and using the new understanding you gain, you will have the opportunity to specify your own objectives for the programme – these will be used to match you with a suitable mentor/mentee.

To ask a question about any aspect of mentoring please email