PGR Leadership Coaching Group


This group will not run in 2018/2019. We are taking some time to reflect on the most effective way to reach the most people with our wealth of information and support for leadership development. Once we have designed the new resources, we'll make an announcement on the usual researcher mailing lists.

A group programme designed for PGRs and shaped through feedback and critique from research students and those who employ them.

This programme ran over 3 months as 4 3h sessions, and uses reflective group work and coaching conversations to take a leadership focus. Committment to all sessions is required for partcipation:
1. Opening and Leadership Types
      Read-along book (supplied): 'The End of Leadership'
      Online task: Networking for Research Success
2. Q&A with Academic Leaders and Raising your Academic Profile
      Online task: Complete MBTI personality type analysis
3. Productive Working Relationships & Difficult Conversations
      Online Research: Ethical Leadership
      Online task: Developing Research Ideas - an independent career

4. Closing and informal presentation of PGR Leadership Challenges*

Sesisons are facilitated by Kay Guccione, Hilary Jones and Sarah Bell, experinced leadership coaches. Aligns with Association for Coaching standards in ethical practice.

LCG comment 2* Running concurrently throughout the programme: ++ PGR Leadership Challenge ++ Do you react personally to criticism? Are you always saying yes when you mean no? Do you find it hard to make decisions? Do you leave everything until the last minute? Is there a relationship you’d like to strengthen? Do you always have to be right? Do you find it hard to be flexible and get frustrated when plans change? Are you always apologizing? Do you always leap in to help, only to have it backfire?  Do you fail to ask for help when you really need it?

LCG comment 1These are only a few examples of leadership challenges. Participants think of something they’d like to understand, accept, or develop about the way they work, think, or interact with others. Experimenting with and reflecting on different ways of operating will be an ongoing task over the 4 months, and at the closing you discuss personal projects informally with the group.

This programme has been designed and developed by Dr Kay Guccione and is intended to be delivered in small groups of 8, and align with the style and ethos of The Sheffield Leader Programme but with a PGR focussed approach. Please do make contact by email to ask questions about the programme.