The team's philosophy

An image of the cover page of the Impact Review

Our mission

To provide Think Ahead, “a framework for the continuous professional development of researchers at the University of Sheffield, supporting individual career ambitions in and beyond academia.”

Our influence

The team drive institutional change in line with the University’s HR Excellence in Research Award action plan, underpinned by the ‘Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers’.

This involves working with colleagues from around the University to enable sustainable changes in practice, structures and cultures that support researchers to deliver world class research.

The last edition of the formal impact review (2015-2016) can be viewed by clicking the image to the left.

To understand more about our reach and impact, please visit our strategic contribution page.

Professionalism is the cornerstone of any working relationship. For the RDT, this means behaving in a courteous, responsible and collaborative manner. With this in mind, we commit to providing a collaborative and research led framework that is innovative, inclusive and impactful. We will make the framework accessible, well communicated and flexible to meet need.

In order to make the Think Ahead framework all of the above, we request the following from those who engage with us:

Booking places / attendance: opportunities are precious and resources finite – if you no longer need your place, make it available to someone else in plenty of time! Getting the most out of learning: collaboration and discussion generate ideas, learning and growth – contribute fully to the events you attend!
Developing the Framework: feedback and reflection is essential to continuous improvement – complete evaluations that are requested and share your views!

Promoting CPD: word of mouth recommendations are very influential - once you have experienced the benefits of engaging with the framework, encourage others to get involved!

Developing the Framework - Feedback and reflection is important for two key reasons:

* It will enable you to consider your learning and what you can now do differently
* It will enable us to ensure Think Ahead continues to be relevant, inclusive and impactful

Please visit the Researcher views & feedback page to find out more.