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These pages have been developed in response to feedback from Research Leaders and seek to provide, in one place, links to the information and resources needed to manage, support and develop Research Staff and Students.  They also highlight development opportunities provided by the University which have been tailored to support leadership and management.

Human Resources - Policies, Procedures and related guidance for ALL managers throughout the University, with specific links for Academic staff.  Includes:

Equality & Diversity – information and guidance which outlines the University’s commitment to creating an inclusive University community which encourages everyone to flourish and reach their potential within a positive and supportive culture.

Research Students

Supervisors Portal - Provides institutional level policy and guidance on research degrees, supporting students and development for supervisors.

Research Staff

The University's expectations concerning the responsibilities of research staff, the managers of research staff and its own responsibilities throughout the lifespan of research projects employing research staff are articulated in a document that the University's senior committee responsible for research staff provision approved in February 2013:
Research Staff-Achieving Excellence.

Through the professionalism of the university, academics and research staff, there is the opportunity for the production of world class research in harmony with the development of individuals as future leaders.

The imbedding of the principles contained within the attached documents will support the University of Sheffield to continue and advance in the delivery of research excellence.

The implementation of the insights contained in these guidance documents will ensure consistency, collaboration and will hopefully promote employee engagement at all levels.

Accompanying 'Research Staff-Achieving Excellence' is a table of recommended practices relating to the employment of research staff on projects (recommending practices to undertake at the project outset, mid-point, and end): Research project lifespan - recommended practice.
(both of these documents are the product of a broad consultation with academics who manage research staff and with research staff, that took place between June - September 2012)

The links below direct you to further information to support your role and provide development opportunities.