Think Ahead: SURE Scheme - Information for Supervisor applicants

Photo: Student & SupervisorHave you got an idea for a short term research project?

Would you like to get hands on experience of the whole research process from grant application, through to interviewing candidates and managing a budget?

Would you like to be sole supervisor of a student with PI responsibility?

Do you need to build your research funding profile and would like your own research consumables grant?

Would having formal supervision experience increase the likelihood of success with your next fellowship application?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then The Think Ahead: SURE scheme should be of interest to you.

Early career researchers in the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry & Health and Science are encouraged to apply to the Think Ahead: SURE scheme for small research projects with consumables budget and take the opportunity to acquire principle investigator experience; developing many of the skills now considered essential for a career in research.

The scheme offers successful applicants the opportunity to manage their own research project, including the recruitment and supervision of an undergraduate student.  Alongside this, the successful applicants will receive training in recruitment, teaching & supervision and research project & budget management.

Once supervisor and undergraduate students have been selected, the partnerships will be supported in applying for external funding for the student stipend for the project.

What it is like to be a Think Ahead: SURE Supervisor

I have fully enjoyed my experience with the Think Ahead SURE scheme. Getting the opportunity to design my own research project and manage it from start to end has been invaluable. Not only have I gained experience in applying for external funding, selecting candidates to interview and managing a project and student, but I have also been able to learn more about methods and a topic area that I would have not been able to explore in my own research. I highly recommend this scheme to anyone interested in building their academic and research skills.

Think Ahead SURE Supervisor 2015

From start to finish I have found every aspect of the Think Ahead SURE scheme to be extremely valuable. Not only has it provided me with experience in short-listing and interviewing candidates, applying for my own grants and supervising my own student but also some useful pilot data to contribute to my PhD thesis!
It has been an exceptionally rewarding experience and I could not recommend the scheme more highly.

Think Ahead SURE Supervisor 2015

Timeline 2017/18

23 October: Application deadline for the following year’s projects. Applications reviewed.
October/November: Supervisors confirmed.  Projects published on website.
November-December: Undergraduate students shortlisted and invited to interview (interview day 8 December) and recruited. Shortlisting and interview training sessions will be provided to all confirmed supervisors.
December-May: Paired Students and Supervisors encouraged and assisted on applying for external stipend funding.
January-June: Training courses provided to help you carry out your project.
June: Projects begin. An induction and orientation day will be held.
August: Projects end. A presentation day will be held and final project reports collected.

The selection process

• Complete the application form (example download on right).
• Your completed application form is submitted electronically via one of the google forms below:

               Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health

               Faculty of Science

Application deadline - 23 October 2017

• Applications will be ranked by a cross faculty academic review panel

If you have any queries about Think Ahead: SURE, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Dr Lucy Lee or Dr Sandrine Soubes.