Vitae Researcher Booklets

bookletVitae – the national organisation which champions research staff development – have published a number of publications to support research staff.

These include Researcher Booklets to support professional development, guidance on the various career paths of doctoral graduates and information about the labour market.

Researcher Booklets

The Vitae Researcher Booklets offer practical information to researchers about different topics in support of their personal, professional and career development. Titles in this series are:

Front cover image of Researcher BookletThe engaging researcher: inspiring people to engage with your research
Offers practical tips on how public engagement can benefit you, your research and the public with whom you engage.

The creative researcher: tools and techniques to unleash your creativity
Offers practical information and advice for researchers on creativity in a research environment.

The balanced researcher: strategies for busy researchers
Offers information to help tackle and juggle the many demands on your time.

The leading researcher: explore and develop you leadership potential
Offers a practical approach to starting or continuing your leadership journey.         

The informed researcher: because interacting with information is at the very heart of your research
Offers practical approaches for managing and getting the most from information.

The career-wise researcher: develop your career management skills and get the right job for you
Information on managing your career, setting goals and presenting yourself to an employer to get the job you want.

Download a copy of the Researcher Booklets from the Vitae website >>>

Other Vitae publications

Vitae has published a number of other publications which will be useful to research staff:

What do researchers do? Career paths of doctoral graduates 2011
Illustrates that doctoral research training is a good foundation for a wide variety of occupations and demonstrates the flexibility of researchers who take advantage of a diversity of employment opportunities.

What do researchers do? Career profiles of doctoral entrepreneurs 2010
A collection of 30 career stories from doctoral researchers who have gone on to become entrepreneurs.

Download a copy of the What do researchers do? publications >>>

Labour market information
Vitae also provides labour market information which builds on the What do researchers do? publications.

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