e-Portfolio: Recording your CPD activity

Keeping a learning and development record is vital to aid reviewing and to ensure that your experiences and insights become embedded.

jobsThe University of Sheffield has invested in the 'PebblePad e-Portfolio' system, which allows you to record your ongoing personal and professional development. It is a standards-compliant and web-based platform developed specifically for higher education.  The e-Portfolio is designed to help you to plan and reflect upon your research and how it will relate to future aspirations.

Key Features of PebblePad:

PebblePad allows users to create a collection of `assets´ using various types of tools.  Assets such as the `Action Plan´ tool, provide a structure for users to record their ideas.  Some of the most commonly used types include:

  • Thoughts – allows users to record journal entries, structured reflections, ideas or notes
  • Action Plan – a series of steps designed to help users achieve a particular outcome or goal
  • Blogs – very simple webpage that lists journal-type entries presented in a chronological order. Allows others comment on entries
  • Webfolios – can be thought of as an evidence-based website that allows users to present their work or record of their learning and development. One of its primary uses is as an e-portfolio
  • Forms – number of forms that you will complete and upload to your webfolio
  • Uploaded files – users can also upload any file type

Everything that is created in PebblePad can be kept private or be shared with others such as your line manager or colleagues or external users including potential employers.

Accessing Pebblepad

Please click on the following here to connect to PebblePad.  You will login using your Sheffield username and password.

You are also able to access PebblePad via your mobile phone or tablet, though do be ware of potential cost – using the mobile web version of PebblePad is may incur data charges from your mobile phone network.

PebblePad Help Resources