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Animal research plays a vital role in our efforts to remain at the forefront of medicine and science.

This research contributes to groundbreaking developments in understanding and treating diseases such as cancer, Parkinson's, deafness, Alzheimer's and heart disease which devastate millions of lives every year.

We only use animals where no other alternatives are available. Our scientists are fully committed to finding other alternatives to research which is currently dependent on animals.

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We follow guidelines and exceed legal care standards

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ZebrafishBringing drugs to market more quickly using zebrafish and fruit flies

Genetic modelling using zebrafish and fruit flies is reducing the time it takes to bring new drugs to market, giving hope to patients suffering from inherited diseases that treatments will be soon found.

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University of Sheffield’s commitment to greater openness about animal research

The University of Sheffield has reinforced its commitment to greater openness about animal research - as one of 10 world-leading universities to publish their research figures.

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