Sponsorship and Quality Assurance

The University is responsible for the studies which it sponsors and, therefore, needs to be confident that these have robust systems and practices in place for:

  • Safeguarding the dignity, rights, safety & well-being of participants recruited; and for
  • Ensuring the validity of the data collected, analysed, recorded & reported.

The University also wishes to identify good practices in how University-sponsored studies are managed and for these practices to be shared between studies operating across the University.

Accordingly, the University seeks to quality assure (QA) University-sponsored studies.

The University's approach to how it assures the quality of the human-interventional studies that it sponsors: a partnership with academic departments and the Chief/Principal Investigators of the studies is set out in the Human-Interventional studies Procedure.

The QA approach involves an initial risk assessment of the human-interventional study (once ethical and scientific approval have both been granted for the project), followed by the implementation of a risk-appropriate procedure.  Further links to definitions, explanations and forms can be found below or in further information on the procedure.

Who to contact

Anita Kenny (A.J.Kenny@sheffield.ac.uk, 21400) is the first point of contact for enquiries relating to healthcare research governance.

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