Training Resources for Research Ethics

training eventsSince the 2007/8 academic year the University Research Ethics Committee (UREC) has delivered research ethics training workshops and events for researchers, and those involved in the University's ethics review process, across the five Faculties. Whilst the UREC is keen to continue to offer events and workshops, we understand that the requirements of different departments can vary, and so here we have provided a range of resources to support departments to design their own in-house training for ethics reviewers, supervisors, and other staff.

Presentation Slides

Generic ethics slides: These slides can form the basis of a presentation about research ethics for any purpose within the University - training students, staff or reviewers. Edit the slides to fit your particular purposes and to fit with the requirements of your department and discipline.

Download Generic ethics slides

Healthcare governance procedure: Those departments that also deal with healthcare projects may find these slides useful to clarify for researchers the particular procedures for different types of healthcare research.

Download Healthcare governance procedure

Workshops and Events

The Ethics of Internet-based and Social Media Research Workshop: This UREC sponsored workshop took place on 14 July 2016.  The presentations, downloads and report are available
This successful workshop in 2016 resulted in the development of Research Ethics Policy Note No. 14 

PGR research in China Workshop: The UREC sponsored a workshop on 27 April 2017 which explored the ethics and integrity challenges of postgraduate research in Mainland China details of which are available.

Research in Developing Countries Workshop: A workshop focussing on the ethical risks, and the challenges in maintaining research integrity, when researching in developing countries was held on 17 May 2017.  The presentations, downloads and report are available.

Ethics of Social Media:  Following on from the success of the 2016 workshop a workshop focussing on the ethics of social media took place on 1 July 2019. Futher details are available.

Case Studies

Many of those attending our training events have said they found the use of case studies particularly useful for expanding their understanding and to spark discussion of different perspectives. In the table below you will find a range of different case studies of ethics applications and a summary of reviewer comments that can be used in training events, or simply to consider some of the issues yourself.

Analysis of spontaneous child speech

Human environment interactions and climate compatible development

Men and violence

The normally misbehaving body (children)

Factors influencing the uptake of voluntary counselling HIV

Investigating long-term supplementation with probiotics

Please stop informing me (medical)

We also have available some slides on more particular issues that have been addressed in workshops and events. A number of these are available below, but also check our 'ask the experts' specialist advice pages.

Teaching ethics to undergraduates (engineers)

Ethics and integrity in engineering

Human tissue

Teaching ethics to undergraduates (social science)

Integrity in research

Who is an Author?

We occasionally run central ethics reviewer training events, and keep a database of those interested in attending events such as these. If you would be interested in these events, please fill out the interest form.

If there are any further resources you would like to see here, or you have any resources you would like to contribute for use by other departments, please contact Lindsay Unwin