Guidance for Ethics Reviewers

Job Description for Ethics Reviewers

Job Description for Supervisor Ethics Reviewers

A quick-reference guide providing an introduction for new ethics reviewers is available below along with a more detailed guidance fact-sheet [the annex to this provides advice on what issues to look out for when reviewing a research ethics application].

To the right can be found:

  1. The University's standard form for making comments on a University research ethics application form (the 'comments form' is then sent to your department's Ethics Administrator) - this is not required if your department is using the online application process;
  2. Training material: In the 2014/15 and 2015/16 academic years the UREC delivered a number of training workshops for ethics reviewers. Information on the workshops (e.g. final reports, which include case studies reviewed + the key points made on them by ethics reviewers who attended the workshops) is available on the right.

Please Note: If you are an Ethics Reviewer for Student Services, a different Ethics Review Procedure applies (although the principles of ethics review set out in the above guidance still apply)