Research Ethics Policy Notes

The Research Ethics Policy Notes are a series of documents within the Research Ethics Policy which discuss specific issues in more specialised detail. The first Policy Note ('Defining Human Research Participants, Personal Data and Human Tissue') sets out the basic definitions underpinning the Research Ethics Policy and it should be read by, all University staff and registered students who are conducting, or planning to conduct, research involving human participants, personal data, and human tissue, as well as any others conducting research on University premises.

The other Policy Notes relate to particular types of research or particular aspects of research involving human participants, personal data or human tissue, and therefore do not necessarily apply to all research. Researchers should be aware of the subjects covered by these Research Ethics Policy Notes, so that they can refer to the documents when appropriate.

The Policy Notes are available individually as PDF documents by following the links below.

Who to contact

Anita Kenny (, 21400) is the first point of contact for enquiries relating to research ethics and ethics approval.

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