Health and Social Care research governance

In this context the term 'research governance' is taken from the Health Research Authority's 'UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care Research'. A research governance procedure exists which applies to health and social care research projects in the UK.

This decision tool, also available as a PDF flowchart will help you to establish the research governance requirements for your study.

Step by step practical guidance is available on the Research Governance Procedure (you can also access guidance about NHS Research Passports here, although most researchers will not require a Research Passport). We have also prepared a  Jargon Buster

If you are undertaking a Human lnterventional Study (including Clinical Trials) which is to be sponsored by the University, find out more on the Human Interventional Study web pages.

Each academic department has at least one designated health and social care research governance contact, who administers the procedure for health and social care research undertaken in the department, and who is available to provide support and advice for researchers. The designated contacts are as follows:

Academic department Designated contact

Charlotte Claxton ( - 25446)

Dr Jennifer Burr (

Clinical Dentistry

Mrs Kate Chadwick ( – 22076)     

Dr Janine Owens ( – 817953)


Mr Amrit Sinha ( - 26650)         

Prof Thomas Webb ( - 26516)

Medicine Eve Dawber (
Health Sciences School

Mrs Kate Chadwick (– 22076)     

Dr Parveen Ali ( - 22046)

Other academic departments

Miss Anita Kenny ( – 21400)               

Mrs Lindsay Unwin ( – 21443)

If you want to learn more about why there is a research governance procedure then please see the information below:

Who to contact

Anita Kenny (, 21400) is the first point of contact for enquiries relating to healthcare research governance.

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