When does the Research Governance Procedure apply?

The University's Research Governance Procedure applies when a research project:

  • involves the NHS/Department of Health services; AND/OR
  • involves social care services provided by a local authority (including organisations providing services under contract with a local authority) or prison health services AND/OR
  • requires review by an NHS research ethics committee AND/OR
  • has been flagged by the University ethics reviewers as a medium/high risk human-interventional study NOT involving the NHS, social care services provided by a local authority, or prison health services.

There is a straightforward tool which will help you to establish whether NHS research ethics committee review is required available from the Health Research Authority (HRA) website:

Visit the HRA's ethics decision tool 

Definition of research

The HRA has a tool available to help you decide if your project is classified as NHS research:

Use the HRA tool

This will help researchers to differentiate between research, audit and service evaluation. However, please be aware that for the purposes of ethical review for research involving human participants, the University's definition of research is broader than that of the NHS, and hence work classed as audit or service evaluation by the NHS may still require University ethics review. Further details can be found in the University's research ethics web pages: www.sheffield.ac.uk/rs/ethicsandintegrity/ethicspolicy/index

Who to contact

Anita Kenny (A.J.Kenny@sheffield.ac.uk, 21400) is the first point of contact for enquiries relating to healthcare research governance.

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