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Pump Priming Awards

These awards are worth up to £7000 each, and intended to help establish nascent partnerships through travel, networking meetings and small research projects.

Round 1

Name Department Project Title Supporting Country
Edith Poku ScHARR Capacity building for improving the development of maternal health guidelines in Ghana Ghana
Shamanthi Jayasooriya ScHARR Environmental determinants of Preterm in Birth in Bangladesh and South Africa Bangladesh and South Africa
Duncan Cameron APS Understanding and monitoring the long-term impacts of land-use change on carbon stocks Colombia
Stephen Rolfe APS Disease phenotyping in Africa Nigeria
Richard Rowe Psychology Developing evidence-based behaviour change interventions for Ghanaian public health priorities: HIV and road crash management Ghana
Rhoda Hawkins Physics Malaria parasite invasion of Red Blood Cells: receptor-ligand interactions Ghana/South Africa/Rwanda
Helen Louise Turton Politics Violence, Truth and the Limits of Reparations: From Transitional to Local Justice in Peru. Peru
Emma Pearson Education The Aga Khan University-iHuman Sheffield Interdisciplinary Working Hub: Initiating early childhood research and development focused on addressing ‘hard-to-reach’ children and families in South Asia Pakistan
Andrea Jimenez SIID Adopting epistemologies of the Global South to reimagine innovation for social inclusion and environmental sustainability Peru
Syed Ali Khurram Dentistry Pakistan Oral Cancer Collaborative - Overcoming Challenges and Barriers to Diagnosis and Treatment Pakistan
Thomas Webb Psychology Exploring the potential of behavioural science to address challenges in The Gambia and beyond The Gambia
Paul O'Neil SLC Language Policy, Social Exclusion and Development: Mozambique and Brazil Mozambique and Brazil
Keith Hunter Dentistry Developing infrastructure for cancer registration, epidemiology, and research in Papua New Guinea: focus on Head and Neck Cancer Papua New Guinea
Mark Brown Law Justice in a Himalayan Kingdom: Delivering SDG16 in Bhutan Bhutan
Tom D. Pering Geography Resilience to volcanic hazards around Yasur volcano, Vanuatu. Vanuatu
Pamela Abbott Information School Developing human capacity through Open Scholarship in Rwanda Rwanda
Sarita Panday ScHARR Sharing experiences and leveraging partnerships in Nepal, UK and USA for improving maternal and child health in Nepal Nepal
Andrew Cox Information School Place-making for sustainable development: Learning from Xochimilco Mexico
Ilaria Bellantuono Oncology and Metabolism Meeting the challenge of multimorbidity in post-conflict Serbia Serbia
Seth Mehl English Networking for community-led development interviews in Zimbabwe Zimbabwe and South Africa
Matt Watson Geography Minigrids for rural electrification in Tanzania Tanzania
Emanuela Girei Management School Building partnership for strengthening accountability in the Civil Service in Ghana. Ghana
Isaiah Durosaiye Architecture A Collaborative Network to Build Research Capacity between Thailand and the UK Thailand
Renee Timmers Music Integrating music to support emotional wellbeing and bonding in families under stress Mexico
Daniel Blackburn Neuroscience Developing non-invasive tools that utilize speech analysis and QEEG to measure cognitive function in resource poor settings Kenya
Thomas Luke Whaley Geography The role of worldviews and competing knowledge systems in shaping access to land and water in rural Uganda (Catalyst project) Uganda
Colin Osborne APS Increasing the resilience and profitability of agriculture in Jordan by exploiting local crop biodiversity and traditional land management practices Jordan
Junjie Huang Architecture A Sino-British Network for Research Collaboration (Age-friendly built environment - understanding the impact of rapid urbanisation process in China) China
Stuart Campbell APS Vector-virus-plant interactions and their role in crop disease prediction and management Uganda
Simon Johnston IICD New therapies for raised intracranial pressure in AIDS related meningitis. South Africa

Round 2

Name Department Project Title Supporting Country
Madhwesha Rao IICD Collaboration scoping trips to India for development of innovative cost-effective systems for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. India
Michael Siva-Jothy APS Preventing food loss in storage Nigeria
Charis Enns Geography Building a global network for research on mega-infrastructure, peace and conflict in sub-Saharan Africa Tanzania/Zambia/Kenya
Peter Monk IICD Health and Context call development meeting India
Bronwen Gillespie Oncology & Metabolism Improving sexual, reproductive and antenatal healthcare information for adolescents and young mothers in underserved LMIC settings Bangladesh and South Africa
Vanessa Speight Civil Engineering Intermittent Water Supply in Nepal Nepal
Tony Ryan Nursing and Midwifery Palliative care in the Aceh province of Indonesia: Exploring barriers and building a research agenda and capacity Indonesia
Davide Poggio Mechanical Engineering Sustainable energy access for isolated rural communities with hybrid solar and biogas micro-grids Brazil
Suvodeep Mazumdar Information School Understanding indigenous and exogenous knowledge interactions within agricultural communities in rural Bangladesh Bangladesh
Olena Mandrik ScHARR What delays diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer in South America? Project-development meeting Colombia/Brazil/Mexico
Heidi Christensen Neuroscience Developing non­invasive tools that utilize speech analysis and QEEG to measure cognitive function in resource poor settings - Computer Science support Uganda
Efpraxia D. Zamani Information School Support network for informal caregivers of people living with HIV in Malawi Malawi
Clare Risbeth Architecture Cultural Change and Green Infrastructure in Lebanon Lebanon
David Littlewood Management School The ecosystem for impact entrepreneurship in Kampala, Uganda Uganda
Veronica Barnsley English Workshop on representations of gender and education in West Africa Ghana and South Africa
Lyudmila Mihaylova ASCE Collaborating with Islamabad, North Pakistan for monitoring and reducing air pollution Pakistan

Sustainable Partnerships Awards

These awards are worth up to £40,000 each, and intended to support established partnerships by funding travel, networking, meetings and research projects that will lead to further applications to external ODA funding.

Round 1

Name  Department Project Title Supporting Country
Julie Gray APS Tropical Field Testing Rice with Reduced Water Requirement Phillipines/Thailand/China
Ilida Ortega Asencio Dentistry Widening access to corneal regeneration in India via the use of pliable mechanically-tailored delivery membranes India
Emily Baughan History Between the global and the local in humanitarian practice Multiple
Thushan de Silva IICD Building network and research capacity for Group A Streptococcus molecular surveillance and epidemiology in West Africa The Gambia
AbdouMaliq Simone Urban Institute Popular Economies: experiments, learning and new modes of anti-poverty intervention in rapidly changing urban environments (PopEcon) Indonesia/Pakistan/Ecuador
Juan Miguel Kanai Geography Breathe Deep: Green Fences and the Future of Work in Argentina Argentina
Dilly Anumba Oncology and Metabolism Improving uptake and adoption of evidenced interventions for malaria in pregnancy and pre-eclampsia/eclampsia in Sub-Sahara Africa Nigeria
Richard Wilkinson Mathematics and Statistics Probabilistic low-cost air pollution monitoring Uganda
Susan Fitzmaurice English The closure of the Bhubezi Healthcare Clinic and the establishment of a new local clinic: An investigation into local knowledge, global challenges, and lessons learned South Africa
Simon Rushton Politics Tracking post-earthquake reconstruction in Nepal: addressing civil engineering and policy implementation challenges. Nepal
Karim Hadjri Architecture A Partnership in Response to Global Challenges in Colombia Designing inclusive green infrastructure in two low-income neighbourhoods in the Tunjuelo River Watershed, Bogota, Colombia Colombia
Tom Goodfellow Urban Studies and Planning Addressing the housing challenge in Ethiopia’s ‘industrial revolution’ Ethiopia
Pam Shaw Neuroscience Pioneering personalised care in Bangladesh: a model for patients with motor system disorders, from genomics to practical symptomatic management. Bangladesh
Andrew Thompson Psychology Delivery of sustainable low intensity mental health interventions, training, and mental health promotion in Northern Uganda Uganda

Round 2

Name Department Project Title Supporting Country
David Edwards APS Extending the Sheffield-Humboldt Collaboration in the Amazon Colombia
Julie Balen ScHARR The co-design of a context-sensitive fertility awareness campaign to promote open dialogue and improved infertility management in The Gambia The Gambia
Dorothea Kleine SIID Nosso Mapa: Mapping out a research agenda and potential co-production sites for social and environmental innovation in true partnership with a research leader from the global South Brazil
Sarah Rowland-Jones IICD Assessing the longevity of childhood vaccine responses in older children and adolescents with perinatally-acquired HIV-1 (PHIV) infection in Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
Dan Brockington SIID Conservation Challenges and Collaborations – Bringing together voices from global North and South Tanzania and Mozambique
Siobhan Lambert-Hurley History Advancing Female Literacy and Empowerment in Pakistan and India through Life Writing Pakistan
Katie Edwards English Religion and Gender-based Violence: Partnerships with Botswana and Ghana Botswana and Ghana
Holly Croft APS Development of operational remote sensing techniques for crop disease management in Sub-Saharan Africa Uganda
Luc De Witte ScHARR Innovations for accessibly healthcare in low resource settings in India: feasibility of a technology-supported NCD screening model India
Rose Pritchard SIID

Earth Observation and Social-Ecological Vulnerability in rural Africa


Institutional Partnership Awards 

These awards are worth up to £50,000 each. The emphasis is on making a step change in the depth/breadth/critical mass of an established partnership and the development of co-produced research agendas that meet evidenced in-country need.

Name Department Project Title Supporting Country
Andrew Fleming APS Enabling Sufficient Rice for Malaysia in a High CO2 World Malaysia
Fiona Lecky ScHARR The Global EMergency CAre Research Network (GEM-CARN); Harnessing collaborative inter-disciplinary research to improve Emergency Care in Low and Middle Income Countries Multiple

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