Horizon Europe (successor to Horizon 2020)

State of play as at 12 November 2020

The UK Government's stated ambition is still to fully associate to Horizon Europe (the successor to Horizon 2020). This would mean the UK having full access to those parts of Horizon Europe to which we associate on the same basis as an EU member state.

In the event that the UK does not associate to Horizon Europe or there is a hiatus before doing so, the UK Government has provided a commitment to fund UK participation in those Horizon Europe schemes open to Third Countries.

PIs are therefore strongly encouraged to maintain / grow their relationships with EU partners in the knowledge that Third Country participation will be supported by the UK Government.

Complementary UK schemes are under development to ensure any remaining funding gaps (e.g. for mono-beneficiary schemes) are filled in the case of non-association or a hiatus in funding pending association - though these may not be on a like-for-like basis.

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