Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are one of the longest standing schemes available to academics for industry collaboration. It is funded by Innovate UK and is supported by most UK Research Councils.
  • Researchers are typically funded to work with businesses for up to two years (but can be longer or shorter) to solve problems identified by the industry collaborator.
  • A KTP Associate is recruited to work with the business and is jointly supervised.

Detailed information on how KTPs work and the benefits associated with them are available on the KTP website. A KTP case study is also available to demonstrate the benefits that a project can have.

  • Writing an application: A KTP application needs to be jointly developed by the academic and the company. The KTP Regional Advisor (where the industry collaborator is based) should also be involved. Aplications are submitted via the KTP Portal. Research Services will create the outline application on the portal and you will be prompted to complete the full details.
  • Pricing an application: KTP applications are costed using FEC via the Costing Tool, and use a pricing structure agreed with the KTP Programme Office. Detailed guidance on the eligible costs under each heading are available in the KTP Guidance Notes from the KTP portal.

Access the Costing Tool via myResearch

  • Submitting an application: the final version of the application should be emailed to your Research Growth Officer. They will give the application a final check, arrange for an authorised signature, and pass it to the Pricing Team for submission to the KTP Programme Office.
  • Post-submission actions: KTPs are unusual in that they require actions to be taken before the outcome of the application is known. We will write to applicants with detailed instructions, but in general this involves drafting a job description for the Associate. Due to the fixed and tight timescales set by the KTP Programme Office we will also begin to negotiate a collaboration agreement with the company at this stage.
Implementation and post-award
  • Research Services will be notified of the application outcome, and if successful will receive the award letter and obtain institutional approval.
  • We will send detailed instructions to successful applicants on what action needs to be taken next, such as organising the first Local Management Committee meeting (LMC0) and recruitment of the KTP Associate.
  • We will also finalise the collaboration agreement with the company, and send you a signed copy for reference.
  • Please note that the Associate must be recruited within an absolute fixed period of 6 months from the date of the award letter. Failure to recruit at this point will result in the award being terminated. Recruitment advice and support with posting the KTP Associate vacancy on KTP Online is provided by Louise Sharpe (, ext 24871) in Research Finance. You should contact your departmental e-Recruitment contact for support with e-Recruitment.
Live projects
  • Once the Associate has been recruited and the project has started, it is important that the schedule of LMC meetings is maintained.
  • Project accounts are managed by Louise Sharpe (, ext 24871) in Research Finance. You should contact Louise directly with any queries regarding the finances of live accounts. You should also be sure to forward copies of all LMC minutes, which are required for raising invoices to KTP.
Information for KTP Associates
  • KTP Associates are usually based in the company but employed by the University of Sheffield.
  • You will have a company and an academic supervisor who will support you throughout the project.
  • You will need to present your work at each Local Management Committee meeting (LMCs), approximately every four months.
  • Any queries about purchasing consumables/equipment or travel expenses should be refereed to your supervisors. They will be able to authorise spend or seek LMC approval. If you have a query about the overall finances of the KTP or your personal financial arrangements (e.g. salary) please contact Louise Sharpe (, ext 24871) in Research Finance.
  • Although you may be based primarily at the company partner's premises you are an employee of the University of Sheffield. If you have an HR related issue you should contact your academic supervisor in the first instance. They may contact HR or may refer you to them. Departmental contact details can be found on the HR website.

Who to contact

  • Contact your Faculty Research Growth Officer for assistance with developing a KTP application. 
  • Contact the Pricing Team for assistance with costing an application on the Costing Tool, or submitting an application on the KTP portal.
  • Contact Louise Sharpe in Finance with any post-award queries.
  • For businesses wanting to find out more about the benefits of KTPs and how to apply, please visit our webpages.

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